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On the right side of your bike, where your throttle is located, there is a bolt (as shown in image6 with red arrow below). You would unscrew the bolt and place it in any of the slots located above (as shown with the yellow arrows). This would limit the distance the throttle can be pulled back, thus limiting the speed.   *image6*   How long is the break-in period for my bike? When the bike is brand new, the first 3-4 tanks of gas is the break-in period. It is recommended to not run your bike at max RPM's for...

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*NOTE: THIS WILL WORK ON MOST AND/OR ALL 43CC, 47CC, 49CC, AND 50CC ENGINES* On the left side of your bike when you are sitting on it, look inside the bike, and you will see a gold screw with a spring on it (as shown in image5 with the red arrow). Sometimes the screw may be another color than gold; look for the one with the spring around it. This is your idle screw!    *image5*   If your bike does not stay on, and seems to turn off on its own: Tighten the idle screw and this will constantly...

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What type of gas should I use? Regular unleaded gasoline works just fine, however we recommend to use unleaded premium gasoline for best performance and a healthier bike. DO NOT USE DIESEL FUEL IN BIKE!   What is the mixing ratio of gas and oil? Since this is a 2-stroke engine, you will need to mix oil and gas together. In your package, you have received a mixing bottle. Please see image1. Pour gasoline first, and oil second! Use red arrow to determine which line to fill the gas up to; and use yellow arrow to determine which line to...

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