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2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper - 2 Stroke
2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper - 2 Stroke
2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper - 2 Stroke
2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper - 2 Stroke
2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper - 2 Stroke
2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper - 2 Stroke
2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper - 2 Stroke
2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper - 2 Stroke
2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper - 2 Stroke
2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper - 2 Stroke
2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper - 2 Stroke
2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper - 2 Stroke

2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper - 2 Stroke

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This is a Brand New Fully Automatic 49cc Mini Chopper for Kids/Teens! Suitable for all ages this is the all-new 2018 49cc Mini Chopper.



    • 49cc - 2 Stroke Mini Chopper
    • Top Speed 35+mph
    • FREE Upgraded High Tensile Body Steel Frame¬†
    • FREE Upgrade Performance Air Filter
    • FREE Upgrade Performance Spark Plug
    • FREE Upgrade Performance Fuel Filter
    • FREE Upgrade Deep Tone¬†idle Sound
    • FREE Upgrade Hydraulic Rear¬†Disc Brakes¬†
    • Upgraded Extended Chrome Colored¬†Forks
    • Two Keys
    • 1.25¬†Liters¬†Fuel Tank
    • 4¬†Feet In Length
    • 15" Seat Height
    • Pull Start
    • Leather Padded Seating¬†
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    Welcome to the All New 49cc Mini Chopper! Finally back in stock and ready to ship, the 49cc mini choppers have been extremely difficult to find. Look no further, this is the all new 2018 Villain 49cc Mini Chopper for sale.

    The 49cc Chopper is equipped with rear disc brakes for extra braking power! Comes standard with 14" front and 11" rear pneumatic street tires for better handling road conditions and to turn heads of anybody walking by! The Villain 49cc Mini Chopper has a top speed of 35MPH ready for any adventure you take it on.

    The 49cc Villain chopper's system gives your Mini Chopper a nice deep chopper sound you expect to hear when you turn it on. This new mini chopper for sale will keep you happy while riding.

    Suitable for ages 4-16 years, this mini chopper was built for all riders. You will see grown men (messing around the driveway) to little kids riding this mini 49cc chopper bike. This is the fun & history behind these little chopper motorcycles. Go enjoy, have fun and ride safe! This is what this mototec Mini Chopper is all about!

    Always wear DOT approved safety gear & helmet when riding!



    49cc Mini Villain Chopper Technical Specifications
    Motor: 49cc 2-Stroke, Air Cooled, EPA Approved
    Engine Start: Pull Start
    Gas Tank: 1.25 liters
    Cruising Range: 20 miles per tank
    Fuel/Oil: Unleaded / 2-stroke Oil 32:1
    Transmission: Centrifugal (chain drive)
    Bike Size: L=46in, W=23in, H=34in
    Seat Height: 15in
    Recommended Age: 4-16 Years
    Max Rider Weight: 150 lbs
    Frame: Steel
    Front Tire: 12.5-2.25
    Rear Tire: 110/50-6.5
    Brakes: Duel Rear Disc
    Frame: Ridged High Tensile Steel
    Throttle: Variable twist-grip
    Seat: Padded (single rider)
    Assembly Required: Yes (Very Minimal)
    Box Size: 42x15x20 inches
    Box Weight: 60 lbs


      Colors available: Black, Blue, Orange, Pink
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