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X19 Super Pocket Bike: As tempting as it sounds

The advancement in technology has been motivating innovative minds to bring beautiful things in this world. These things have successfully introduced adventure in our lives along with improving parameters of safety. This discussion eventually brings a milestone in the pages of history - introduction of a concept that will grow into what, now, popularly is known as Pocket Bikes.

Starting in the spring of 1946 through 1948, a company of Webster City called Beam Mfg manufactured around 40,000 Doodle Bug Scooter. This tiny scooter was powered with a 1.5 HP engine and was originally priced for around $70. Doodle Bug Scooter brought a revolution in the industry of motorbikes and the now famous Super Pocket Bikes, Mini Bikes, Mopeds, etc.

The major problem that comes while purchasing Pocket Bikes is - the reliability and reputation of a manufacturer, to ensure the safety of its riders. Belmonte Bikes have been selling a wide range of Pocket Bikes, Super Pocket Bikes, ATVs, etc. for years now and are highly acclaimed by their consumers.Buy the very adventurous and widely-popularSuper Pocket bike x18 and x19, now!

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Pocket Bikes: The thrill

Pocket Bikes have been in discussions and news for one reason or the other. This has made them quite popular among people of all age. After Doodle Bug Scooter, the idea of Pocket bikes thrived to introduce a less-costly way of Bike Riding among the younger generation. Observing its popularity in today’s world, the basic motive has been fulfilled and Pocket Bikes are being also enjoyed by people of every generation.

Starting with its popularity among the younger generation, Pocket Bikes are being frequently used by parents to supervise their kids to learn the art of bike riding. This usage is not just limited to thrill and adventure but also is very helpful to ensure their safety on the wheels of heavier and higher capacity bikes. Adults, too, are utilizing full advantage and are actively participating in the popularity of Pocket Bikes. Many popular and solo racing events are also being organized called Pocket Bike Racing, also known as Minimoto.  

Questions have been raised concerning the safety of Pocket Bikes, many times, and their legal validity has been quite confusing.

Addressing the legal validity of Pocket Bikes

There are many primary requirements for a motorbike to be valid or street-legal. Many manufacturers don’t follow the traffic guidelines while manufacturing. This results in an end-product that is not legally valid on the streets or roads. These Pocket Bikes don’t come with headlights, horns, turn lights, etc. You can’t even get these poorly manufactured Pocket Bikes insured or registered. And thus, if you are driving a Mini Bike like this on streets you will end up violating a thousand traffic rules. This can prove quite expensive for the rider as you are riding an unlicensed, unregistered, or uninsured bike on the road. This leaves only a private property to test the promised adventures of Pocket Bikes. The best way to check for the legal validity of your Pocket Bike is to check with the local DMV (Department of Motor vehicles) Office.

On the bright side, if the manufacturer keeps in mind the traffic requirements and provides the necessary parts of a Pocket Bike, it can be street-legal in many states. This brings us to the next topic - the role of a manufacturer.

Safety of Pocket Bikes: The importance of a reputed manufacturer

The manufacturer of Pocket Bikes plays an important role in defining their safety and legal-validity. Therefore, it becomes important to choose the right manufacturer before buying Pocket Bike from it. The safety of a rider totally depends on the quality of parts used in manufacturing. Since there are no quality checkpoints for Pocket Bikes and various manufacturers take advantage of it, compromising its safety.

Belmonte Bikes have been manufacturing a wide range of Pocket Bikes for many years now and have many satisfied customers. The quality of Pocket Bikes is focussed along with keeping it in an affordable and decent price range. Buy Super Pocket Bike x19 and x18 and enjoy the safe thrill of riding Pocket Bikes, right now!

Why can Super Pocket Bike x19 be a perfect match for you?

Here are a few features of Super Pocket Bike x19 that make them as tempting as they sound.

  • These Pocket Bikes come with a 4-stroke powerful 110cc engine and can reach to a maximum speed of 60 mph!
  • They come with headlights, speedometer, horn, turn signals, rear brake lights, etc. and thus making it safer.
  • This Super Pocket Bike has a fuel capacity of 3L with a seat height of 31 inches from the ground. This makes them comfortable to be driven by people of up to 6 feet in height.

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