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Why You Should Buy An Electric ATV for Your Teen?

We know that you might be a little scared with a thought of buying an electric ATV for your teen. Although it is already overwhelming to purchase such gear for your kid because they are trending right now in the market, which implies that it might be an ideal gift for your kid. An adolescent is a time when your kid would want to try out the most adventure of their life. We all know how exciting this age feels. To satisfy the thrust of a venture with a safe yet exciting way - with teen electric ATV. We at Belmonte Bikes offers top-notch electric ATV suitable for teens. Fulfill the demand for kids to own an edgy sports vehicle.

While considering buying an electric bike, as a parent it is obvious to be worried about the safety of your child. That is why at Belmonte Bikes, we deliver bikes that are child-fitting so that parents won't’ have to worry about them. Out electric bikes are comfortable and safe for teens. Before buying an electric ATV for your kid, you might need to consider what options are there and which would suit your child’s demand to ride one. Therefore, we have hand-picked the best-in-class electric ATV for your teen; review below the option that we provide at BelmonteBikes:

Electric Mid-size Atv Quad Vtt 1300 Watts 48 Volts

It is genuinely a Venom. Like the name is imprinted on the surface of the bike, It indeed resembles as a devil. A brand new star of our collection for teens of Electric ATV is an unusual choice for you. It is a blistering mid-size model of our selection. It covers all the required specification that one might desire. Speed, reliability, safety; all included in its specification. It is an ideal choice for children between the age group of 6-12 years. It's equipped with a 48 Volt Lithium-lon battery, which offers a fast ride in the woods or anywhere your child desire. With LED headlights and horn, the experience will get thrilling as well as secured. Another ravishing color is available for this specific model. Choose in accordance to your preference. Hurry up; we are getting stocked down every minute now. Click this link to buy.



A mini-monster truck by the looks of this beast is a perfect choice for your teenager. A 4-wheeler upgraded to Rear Shaft Drive, which implies that now you can enjoy beautiful rides without worry too much about maintenance. The enhanced version of this model delivers more torque and power at launch which will merely increase the fun bar. This quad has a seat height of 29 inches, measured from the ground. It comes with 8inches tires to bare those though roads of the wood. With speed governor, this beast can run at a speed of 5mph and without it at the range of 22mph or 35km/h. Go on an adventurous quest with your kid riding this!

Security holds paramount importance at Belmonte Bikes. Hence we have equipped LED headlight in our four wheelers for a safe drive at night. Drive with peace without bothering people with the motor noise, since our ATV, is a works astonishingly without any making any annoying sounds. We promise to offer you the best price for this model. This ravishing drive comes with free shipping if you buy one from Belmonte Bikes. Click this link to order one today and get started with this latest ATV.


Available color:

Orange/Green & Orange/Black

At Belmonte Bikes, we offer more AVT to add to the list, which you can check out by clicking this link. If you are convinced buying an electric AVT for your teen, who loves adventure and wishes to attain a thrilling experience on the roads, then wait no more and order one today from our website.

Keeping in mind the utmost protection of your child, buy a helmet with your brand new AVT. This link will take you to the couple of helmets and other accrsories, that we have available with us in best price.

What are you waiting for? Order your favorite one today, while our sale last to attain most benefits with the best price for our products. Click this link to explore more options at Belmonte bikes.

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