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Why should you buy a 125cc pocket bike

If you are a beginner to biking and fairly new to the joys of biking, then a pocket bike is exactly what you need. Now before you get all curious about what a pocket bike is, let us glide smoothly and grasp all that we could about these super-efficient two-wheelers. So what is a pocket bike?

What is a pocket bike?

Pocket bikes are designed with the style of a mini motorcycle. The design of these pocket bikes is tiny, and the speed is also less. This is done to ensure that there are fewer chances of accidents with these bikes. This being said, the bikes must not be assumed to be slow runners. The bikes can run upwards on a hilly road with ease. The frame of these motorcycles is either made with steel or aluminum. 

Types of pocket bikes

There are many variations in pocket bikes. There are 49cc pocket bikes, 100 cc pocket bikes, 125cc pocket bikes, and 150cc pocket bikes. These pocket bikes have gained a lot of popularity among the masses and are in huge demand. 

The fuel of the pocket bikes

There are two options for the fuel of these pocket bikes. They can be either gasoline-powered or electricity powered. The gasoline-powered 125cc pocket bikes are a bit faster than the electric-powered pocket bikes. 

On the other hand, the electric pocket bikes run on batteries that you will need to charge from time to time, just like any EV car. The electric pocket bikes are cheaper than gasoline-powered ones and come with an adapter to charge the bikes. The electric-powered 125cc pocket bikes are generally targeted for the children as they are slower than the gasoline-powered pocket bikes. 

Now here are a few reasons that you should buy a 125cc pocket bike.

Reasons to buy a pocket bike.

A good bike for beginners

As discussed earlier, pocket bikes do not go for higher speeds, which makes them a perfect choice for beginners. The beginners usually have an urge to overspeed and extract that extra throttle from the bike’s engine. The smaller size of the bike also makes it quite easier for the beginners to ride. 

Most beginners mistakenly choose a heavy powered bike and are then unable to control the power and fail at handling. This leads to serious accidents. The beginners can instead go for a 125cc pocket bike and can improve their handling skills initially. It would help if you started with a 125 cc pocket bike, and when you get comfortable with it, you can advance on to high powered bikes.

A good bike for daily commuting

If you are a regular office goer, then you do not need a third person to tell you about the frustrating traffic conditions of the daily commute to your office. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, and thus you get stuck at road jams that are stretched over several kilometers. Also, many high powered bikes have an inclined seating position that makes it uncomfortable for the rider. 

With the pocket bikes, you get a natural upright seating position and the small size you can easily handle in the bustling traffic of the city roads. Also, pocket bikes are cost-efficient. These bikes have an MPG engine that helps you save fuel and money in the long run. 

Various options to choose from

With the huge demand for these pocket bikes, there are several manufacturers of pocket bikes in the market. Some of the most well-renowned two-wheeler manufacturing companies like Honda and Yamaha also have pocket bikes in their product offerings. Also, these bikes are available in different styles.

Whether you are a sports bike lover, a naked bike enthusiast, or an admirer of custom made bikes, the pocket bikes are available in every variant. Most of these bikes can reach 70 mph with ease and are relatively comfortable at 50 mph.

The pocket bikes also offer additional advantages like cost efficiency, easy maneuverability, and low maintenance costs. The bikes are easily available at any bike store. The pocket bikes are also available for sale at the departmental store. There are many options in the pocket bikes. It would help if you did thorough research before you buy your first pocket bike. 

Set the budget for your bike and also the purpose of your pocket bike. If you are going to buy a pocket bike for your kid or teenager, then you must be aware of the local and federal laws that govern the use of pocket bikes in your residential area. Check if you need to apply for any permits. Always follow the traffic rules while riding a pocket bike.

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