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Why should a gym bunny choose e-pocket-bikes rather than cycle?

We're in the twenty-first century! Whether it's breakthrough medications, renewable energy, or new athletic concepts to keep us active (and alive) longer, technology has enhanced our lives in every possible way. 

An electric bike is one of these developments. One of these may have already been through your neighbourhood. Consider using them instead of regular bicycles to replace small distance covering petrol scooters or 110cc mini bikes. E-bikes utilize rechargeable batteries to ride at speeds ranging from 20 to 30 kilometers per hour, far faster than most people can cycle, bringing you to your destination quicker and in better shape.

When we talk about exercise, the question arises - Are these E-bikes the perfect alternatives for cycles? We will clear all your misconceptions and introduce you to the best store Belmonte Bikes where you will find electric pocket bikes for sale and pocket-friendly charges.

E-bikes are a better choice for exercise.

E-biking majorly targets endurance training, but apart from endurance training, it also helps in strength training as well. 

Endurance training is also known as cardio or aerobic exercise, whereas strength training is anaerobic. The type of exercise that elevates your heartbeats is endurance training from low intensity to high intensity. It can help you increase your lung health, reduce stress levels, keep the blood circulation in control, etc. 

E-bikes are available with different levels of paddle assists, namely low, moderate and high. Studies have proven that riding an e-bike at a low assist level and a basic cycle have a similar impact on the body. A basic cycle burns 400-500 calories per hour, and a low assist e-bike burns around 300-4000 calories per hour. 

HIIT workout, abbreviated as High-Intensity Interval Training, can be achieved with the help of these e-bikes. The basic understanding of HIIT workout is to exercise for a while, take a short break and then resume exercise. Ex: ride an e-bike for 10 mins on a low level, take an interval of 2 mins at a moderate or high level and then move back to the low level. These intervals depend entirely on your comfort level. 

The average energy expenditure of e-bike riders is more than that of cyclists.

In a research conducted by Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, the intent was to understand a rider's behavior and experience after riding an E-bike. The key highlight features were :

  • The trips traveled by E-bikers are longer when compared with cyclists.
  • Effect on the body is similar for both the riders. 
  • E-bikes have substituted cars and 110cc mini bikes, which have resulted in gains of 550 MET min/week. 

In the end, electric bicycle riders significantly outperformed pedal bike bikers in terms of overall weekly exercise. The authors of the research credit this to the higher amount of time that e-bike riders spend on their bikes than bikers and the vast distances that e-bike riders travel.

When riders were asked about their experience while riding the E-bike, it felt easier to them. Surprisingly, their heart rate was high enough to be considered a moderate-intensity workout. Taking lap time into account, an E-bike rider takes around 11-12 mins to cover a distance of 3 miles, whereas a cyclist takes 14-15 mins to cover the same distance.

What should you consider before purchasing one e-bike for yourself?

When planning to purchase an E-bike, you must keep in mind several features to select the best suitable bike for yourself. Below are a few points that you must consider before purchasing an e-bike for yourself.

  • Type of E-bike

E-bikes generally come with three levels of assistance: low, moderate and high; the throttle speed they provide divides them into type 2 and type 3 categories. One with a throttle speed above 30 miles per hour is a type-3 e-bike, and these e-bikes are not legal in some regions. For example, In Canada, pocket bikes can go up to 30 Kmph.

  • Budget 

You need to have a predefined budget to get yourself a suitable e-bike. The price range of e-bikes usually goes from $400 to $2000. Keeping a checklist of the features you want in your e-bike ex: speed, battery life, charging points, etc., can help you decide your budget accordingly. 

All in all, when you research the type and budget of e-bikes, you will come across multiple terms that will make your mindset more clear about e-bikes. 


We have summarized all the aspects and how an e-bike can be a good fit from an exercise and health perspective. Belmonte Bikes  offers customers all kinds of two-wheelers, from low-performance 49cc engine bikes to NINJA MOTORCYCLE - buy online from our store with great ease. We also provide dirt bikes, stand-up scooters, and a wide range of E-bikes. 

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