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Why Pocket Bikes Are An Ideal Purchase For Your Kids

As kids grow up, all they want to do is imitate their parents like they want to eat and even ride bikes. That is why pocket bikes are a blessing in disguise for parents who have kids wanting to ride bikes.

Pocket bikes have been in the market for quite some time now and have become an all-time favorite of kids or young adults. The Canada pocket bikes are small bikes for kids to get the experience of riding bikes in whichever environment they prefer. Whether it is their home or the playground, kids have been enjoying their rides a lot once they have brought the Canada pocket bikes home.

So let's start exploring the various reasons why pocket bikes are an ideal purchase for your kids.

Realistic Design

The USP, i.e., the most attractive feature of pocket bikes, is its design. Pocket bikes are designed just like real bikes with engines, brakes, horns, and even headlights. It doesn't look like a toy at all, which makes it all the more amazing. Hence, due to its realistic design and bright colors, your kid will fall in love with it instantly.

Available in 2 types

Pocket bikes are of two kinds; one is called a gas pocket bike, while the other is an electric pocket bike. The electric pocket bike is safer for kids as it can be charged and is easy to handle. However, if your kid is older, you can always opt for gas pocket bikes that are more durable, powerful, and reliable. 

So, keeping your child's age and security in mind, you can choose the most appropriate pocket bike for them.


When it comes to riding bikes, everyone wants to sit comfortably to avoid accidents and body pain. Thus, although the pocket bikes are given a relatively similar design to a real bike, their seat height is not more than 30 inches. Kids can easily ride with utmost comfort and not fall off the bike even when riding at higher speeds.

Small size

As the name suggests, the Canada pocket bikes are called pocket bikes as they are small. Due to their small size, they can be carried and transported from one place to another without breaking into a sweat. While transferring other bikes may require extra manpower, pocket bikes require a maximum of two people to be carried and transferred.

Super Safe

Even though Canada pocket bikes are designed authentically to match real bikes' mechanism, it is still safe for kids. Parents can always control their movements easily by guiding their kids while they are learning.

Learn the mechanism of bikes

Every kid wants to ride a bike when they grow up. So if your kid rides a pocket bike in the early years of their life, they would gradually understand motorcycles' primary working mechanism. This way, your kid would gain knowledge and experience riding motorcycles to use when they start riding heavier bikes.

Low Risks

You must keep in mind that although pocket bikes are safe for kids if they decide to drive on the road or participate in races, the risks are still relatively low. Since the pocket bikes have durable tires and do not go over 70mph, the chances of fatal accidents are minimal.

Thus, pocket bikes are the perfect gift for your growing kid who can spend their time riding it with minimum dangers.


Another prime benefit of pocket bikes is that they are available at reasonable prices, which are usually affordable for all people. Thus, even if your budget is a constraint, purchasing a pocket bike would not be an issue for you.

Pocket bikes are the perfect two-wheelers with which you can never go wrong. They are safe, well designed, comfortable, affordable as well as fun to ride. 

Therefore, you will not regret buying this for your kid. Why fear outdoor adventure for your little one when you know that you are in safe hands?

Hence, pocket bikes have turned out to be an ideal purchase for your kids as they are safe and have a realistic design that all kids love. Thus, we at Belmonte Bikes sell pocket bikes that are well manufactured and come at attractive prices. We also recommend our new range of Canada pocket bikes, which are ultra-stylish, visionary, and depict luxury along with safety. Therefore, they make the best companion for every ride offering a smooth experience. Moreover, all eyes will be on you while you ride the beautiful beast with exceptional features.

So hurry and buy one for your kid now and let the adventure begin!

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