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Why Our Super Pocket Bikes are the right choice for you

When you think of buying a new bike, especially if you are into sports, it can be quite confusing. There are so many classes and choices of bikes along with different companies and manufactures. Selecting the right bike for yourself can also make difference between riding it infrequently or regularly. If you are also thinking of buying super pocket bikes, then we can definitely help you.

There are many choices when it comes to pocket bikes manufacturers and companies, but we will provide you the best choice. We have only the top and best quality of pocket bikes and super pocket bikes. Some people think that it is a toy and some see it as a real bike. The reality is super pocket bikes are real machine that has been trending for over more than five years. All models of our super pocket bikes offer the best comfort and comes with better capacity. When it comes to our super pocket bikes, we have designed them with great multiple features.

  • Environmental Friendly
  • Are you looking for a super environmental friendly bike? Then our 2000W 72V Brushless Electric Super Ninja Pocket Bike Motorcycle ZXR6- E is the best option you are looking for. We have designed this bike in such a way that this amazing bike is fully automatic that means it is user friendly. This helps in keeping the environment less polluted and clean and that's what our new generation wants.

  • Super Stylish
  • From boosting the quality of the environment, our super pocket bikes also makes you look more stylish while riding the bike. All models of our super pocket bikes are extremely stylish. Our bikes are lighter in weight and smaller in size. These great bikes provides good handling and more durability. You will not look boring while riding our bikes. Our bikes are upgraded with 72V long lasting battery, for long lasting rides. So what are you waiting for? Charge a little and take a cool ride of our super stylish pocket bikes.

  • Warranty
  • Our super pocket bike model x19 pocket rocket with 110CC  is available in super cool red and silver color. This model comes with a warranty period of six months on free replacements of bike parts if any problems occured. Our bike comes with such a powerful engine and if the engine is detected with manufacturing problems and issues we will replace or fix it for you. But we don't provide any operation or repair if damages are caused by misuse, accidents and negligence.

    predator super pocket bike

  • Amazing Front and rear disc Brakes
  • Our CRT 110CC predator super pocket bike comes with a great safety feature, which means that it is fitted with rear and front disc brake, that makes deceleration while riding more efficient. We also provide replacement of brakes in case of any problems occured within its break-in period. Whenever you will apply the brake, there is a little risk of overheating of wheels because of the use of disc brakes. This makes you ride safely and more comfortably. So don't wait more and say hello to everyone’s favourite bike of all time.

  • Reliable and strong Tires
  • Models of our super pocket bikes are fitted with reliable, strong and durable tires which offers you great traction. Your ride with our super pocket bikes is much safer. These reliable and strong tires are designed in a way that allows you to ride smoothly on your highest comfort level. So, get ready to enjoy a relaxing ride as the beautiful and cushioned seat of our bikes with durable tires gives you best comfort.

  • Great for kids
  • This christmas gift your child our brand new super pocket bike. Our brand new model of super pocket bike x15 is supremely out of the world. In comparison to an average 49cc pocket bike, these bikes are bigger in size. Specially designed, for teens and kids between age 8 to 14 years, this cool bike is bigger in size but comfortable for kids. These bikes provide perfect training to your child before they ride bigger ones. Our brand new x15 super pocket bike is exactly what every teenage girls and boys dream to ride and we at Belmonte Bikes help them to fulfill their dream.

    Our super pocket bikes also comes with more special features such as stylish tail lights, horns, headlights and even electric starters. Most of our electric super pocket bikes are street legal and requires no license to ride them. We at Belmonte bikes, provides our customers with exceptional service six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. Our main aim is to bring your inner fun out while riding our highest quality bikes.

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