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Why Buying An Electric ATV Is a Better Option!

Much like the industrial revolution electric cars, mainly Tesla, have bestowed upon the global automobile industry, Electric ATV’s are trying to do the same. Even after being powered by small lithium-ion batteries, big electric ATV’s have the same amount of engine power that the regular ATV’s produce with their roaring gas powered engines.

Have you ever been in the middle of a hunt in a wild forest, bustling through the trees with your ATV roaring as loud as it can, trying to catch a meal to settle for the night? If you have been a part of an adventure like this you must have sworn to yourself to never bring your gas powered ATV to a hunt ever again.

Yes they are loud, eats up a lot of gas, causes pollution and will cause a pain in your head if you decide to take yours on a long run. Electric ATVs on the other hand are smooth, provide better mileage, can be charged anywhere with the help of an outlet and what not.

Here are a few more advantages electric ATVs bless their owners with -

1. A Lot Quieter
Electric ATV’s are a lot quieter than their gas powered counterparts…. so quiet that the only sound you’ll hear coming out of your electric ATV is the noise of your tyres rolling. Perfect for police authorities going for a patrol in the urban areas or a hunter hunting for a prey in a forest. Believe me, riding on an electric ATV enjoying the quiet, you will not for a single second miss the sound of a gas powered ATV unless…. you are a gas junkie. Guess what? Your neighbours will love your new electric ATV as well!

2. Pollution Free
A regular gas powered ATV produces more noise and sound pollution than a normal gas powered car. Attaining fuel efficiency for a gas powered ATV is a distant dream! Electric ATV’s on the other hand are void of causing any type of pollution. So, if you are treehugger, do a favour to yourself and your surroundings and opt for an electric ATV.

3. Lifetime Cost
While electric ATVs are a bit costlier than the greasy ones when you go for a purchase, you save a lot over the long run. How? No gas cost! You won’t need to spend a hefty amount filling the gas tank up… for life!

4. More Torque
Electric ATVs and torque goes hand in hand. While gas powered ATVs need to be driven slowly to drag heavy objects, a condition like this is not applicable on battery powered ATVs. The lithium-ion batteries used in electric ATVs produce a lot of acceleration and torque unmatched by their gas powered counterparts.

5. Reusable Batteries
The heart of your electric ATV, it’s lithium-ion batteries, may completely wear out and need be disposed after completing their life cycle. Rejoice! The same batteries can be recycled or reused and provide life again to your electric ATV for a considerable amount of time.

While electric ATVs have not gained much popularity as a mainstream ATV option for the masses, they are proving themselves to be very useful for hunters and police officers. If stealth or massive torque is what you are looking for, than there is no better option for you than buying a big electric ATV.

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