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Why buy an ATV from Belmonte Bikes and not from Honda or Yamaha or Suzuki?

Why buy an ATV from Belmonte Bikes and not from Honda or Yamaha or Suzuki?

Many of our users ask us, why should we buy one of your ATV's and not from a name brand company like Honda, Yamaha, or Suzuki?

There are tons of reasons I can come up with, but before I start, I have to say I have owned a Honda TRX250X, and it is a great machine! Quality is top notch, and riding is smooth...but so are the Belmonte Bikes ATV's. Countless months are spent on designing and manufacturing the perfect ATV before putting it out on the market. We test all our products right from the manufacturer to ensure top notch riding style is in effect!

Comparing the Honda TRX250X to the Belmonte Bikes 125cc ATV with 8" big tires, both have great riding style. The Honda will beat the Belmonte Bikes ATV when coming down to maintaining the ATV. After a few rides, I have noticed it is best to do a quick walk around the ATV and tighten any bolts that may loosen up during riding. We've noticed after 10-15 rides, some minor bolts loosen from the vibration of the ATV when riding. This is normal! Most people continue on and never tighten the bolts, but we recommend tightening the bolts after some riding time. This will ensure best riding experience and longer-lasting ATV.

Price: We all know what we are going to say here. If you have $3-4k to spend on your little one to ride an ATV, by all means, the Honda is your choice. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative with just as high quality riding experience, the Belmonte Bikes is the way to go. For around the $1k mark, you get a full-sized ATV with big tires ready to go and will last you a life time...once again, only if you maintain it properly. Tighten those bolts, and save yourself $2-3k.

That is my opinion, please do not hesitate to share yours below!

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  • i don’t know if i agree…i think the belmonte bikes atv is a great learning experience, and then when you are comfortable you jump onto a honda


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