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Why are the 40cc Pocket Bikes becoming Increasingly Popular?

Pocket bikes have become a rage today among late teens and young adults. It is thrilling to ride a pocket bike and leave the onlookers mesmerized. This kind of bikes was primarily developed to introduce the kids to the biking experience. The manufacturers, however, walked the extra mile to design pocket bikes for adults too. The latter kind became insanely popular among the target consumer soon after. The key feature of the pocket bikes is that they provide adrenaline-fueled and high-octane performance in a compact package.

Some pointers about the pocket bikes that will render you surprised:

  • Pocket bikes are the cheaper and safer version of motorcycles which prevent accidents.
  • The pocket bikes make a buzzing sound like hornets, and they are the perfect miniatures of bikes.
  • Renowned bike manufacturers such as Honda and Kawasaki have introduced their versions of pocket bikes in the market.
  • The pocket bikes are lightweight (50 pounds) and powered by a two-stroke lawn-mower type of engine.
  • Their price range starts from $200 and can touch up to $3,000 based on the quality.
  • The maximum speed of the low priced pocket bikes is 30 mph while the pricier ones can reach up to 70 mph.
  • Pocket bikes have widespread use in Europe and Japan for racing purpose.

Is there any danger related to the pocket bikes?

Sadly, the pocket bikes don’t have as competent safety features like the brake lights, rear reflectors, turn signals, horn and approved tires or reflectors. Also, pocket bikes don’t come under the radar of federal motor vehicle safety standards as they are considered toys. The pocket bikes have been there in the market since the 1960s, and despite their high usability, they are not given the green signal by the road safety authorities.

The safety measures that should be taken around pocket bikes:

Even though the government doesn’t approve of the extensive use of pocket bikes, their popularity has exploded in recent times. That said, riding a pocket bike without complying with a few general safety rules can invite trouble for both the riders and pedestrians.

  • The pocket bikes should not be used by kids below 12 years of age.
  • The local and state law overlooks the operations of these bikes, and they mandate the bikers to wear a helmet, elbow, or knee pads for protection in case of an accident.
  • The pocket bikes are not as sturdy, and hence, they should be ideally driven on smoother surfaces to prevent injury. The rider should take extra caution when he reaches the rollover speed breakers.
  • The pocket bikes don’t come with sufficient light so it might be dangerous to ride them in the low light condition.
  • You should always consult an insurance agent to know whether they will provide any coverage for accidents.
  • When you are sharing the road with mightier vehicles with a lightweight one, you must be both accommodative and discreet.
  • You should not add additional weight of objects or a person on your car.
  • When you are riding pocket bikes, you should always mind the weather because damp weather can tamper with the visibility and weaken its braking.

Some additional information about the pocket bikes:

As more people are inclining towards the pocket bike scene, the manufacturers are experimenting more. Mini bikes are miniature replicas of big bikes which are usually not approved by the Federal law. Generally, the mini bikes have a petrol engine ranging from 39cc-49cc. Some companies have also developed 200cc mini bikes for the late teens. Mini bikes are not out of the possibilities of a crash and fall so the riders must wear helmets while riding them. The minibikes are generally used for fun and racing purpose, but in most countries, they are used by delivery guys for whizzing through heavy traffic.

There is another version of minibikes available in the market, which is called mini dirt bikes. The mini dirt bikes are the smaller versions of the larger dirt bikes. These bikes have a robust built for durability. They also have larger wheels capable of going off-road if required.

Both mini bikes and dirt bikes are great options for motor racing and low-intensity sports. You can also enjoy a fun ride in the countryside with your friends on a minibike. The most important factor related to mini bikes is that they have come for pocket-friendly prices.

What is the most trusted minibike manufacturer brands?

We have prepared a list of the most trusted minibike manufacturers below. Take a look:

  • MotoTec Gas Pocket Bike Riding Toy
  • Monster Moto Classic Mini Bike
  • Coleman CT200U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike

If you intend to buy a minibike soon, you are suggested to choose one from the brands mentioned above.

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