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Where to buy kids Electric ATV from?

Where to buy kids Electric ATV from?

Searching for the perfect ATV for your son or daughter can be quite difficult. Which one to buy? There are so many in the market, many have trouble deciding on the best ATV in the market.

Do I go for a 12V, 24V, or 36V mini ATV for my child? How many watts do I need and what is the difference?

The regular 12V mini ATVs on the market are usually known as the Fisher-Price brand with plastic tires. These are common around households. Unfortunately for these, kids grow out of these four-wheelers quite quick!

The common 24V mini ATV in the market is also a great choice! With a little more power than the 12V four-wheeler, these usually come equipped with rubber tires and a sturdier frame. You can reach top speeds of about 12mph in this, and for some, that is not enough.

Now we move to the 36V mini ATVs on the market. Why choose this one? With a 36V battery and 1000 Watt motor, your child is sure to be riding this for many years. Just the other day, I saw a dad and a son both riding one each!  A full grown 250lbs father!!! What does this tell you about the 36V 1000W Mini Four-Wheelers? It's got power and can hold almost anyone. They also come equipped with a fully adjustable speed governor, where you can limit the speed to as low as 5mph. This is a great tool to use to have your son and/or daughter get the hang of riding an ATV for the first time. As they grow older, and require a little more speed, you may change the speed governor to the next level (Medium, or High). With a top speed of 22mph, your child is sure to grow in to this ATV and become an expert at such a young age.

Price Point? The 12V plastic tire mini ATVs range from $100-300 and are made for toddlers between the ages 1-3. Throughout the market, you will notice the 24V mini ATV and 36V Mini ATV range very close in price! Why not upgrade to the better ATV that will last your child many more years and have them still riding at 12+ years old.

For more information on the 1000W 36V ATV Four-Wheeler by Belmonte Bikes, follow the link below:


If you currently have a childrens mini electric ATV, tell us about it and let us know what you think!

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