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What Style Of Chopper Would Suit You? Find Out!

Are you thinking to buy your first motorbike? Well, entering this world of high torque and freeway freedom can be a little bit daunting if you are not prepared for it. Choosing a mini bike such as a chopper would be a great start for you. The authentic structure of these bikes is lower than the lighter vintage bike as compared to a regular motorcycle. These bikes have a reputation for being faster than regular motorcycles. Bikes such as a mini chopper, are made from some of the original parts which are custom made, in order to offer a customized motorcycle to ride your ways. We at Belmonte Bikes provide custom mini chopper bikes for those who want to measure roads with style. Our custom bikes check all the essentials desired in a DIY mini bike. The overall appearance and performance are distinctive in accordance with the specification that you require. Therefore they are as unique as the owner!

At Belmonte Bikes we will provide you with total customization solutions for a DIY mini Bike experience. Get any style, color, engine modification, replaced modern parts on an old body, and more. Our service caters from full transformation to minor modification.

Since this is your first motorcycle, you must be dealing with the “which to pick?” question, or what style would be best for you? To help you out, we have mentioned below a few statements that might reflect your personalized riding style. This list would help make an informed discussion to choose your dream mini chopper.

To get an enormous personalized riding style with a kind of DIY mini bike, discover our collection and get ready to throttle a beast. Grab a pencil to take note of any of the factor that you believe describe your desire in the best way possible. Let’s get started:

What kind of ride do you prefer?

If you have been riding around for fun till now, and a friend or family member have taught you how to ride and therefore you had a limited chance of experimenting your riding skills, well you probably aren’t quite an advance rider yet.

If you're a newcomer in the rider’s world, we strongly recommend you to register yourself in a learners class and buy all the essential safety gear, beforehand. One of the most common mistakes the beginner riders make is buying a motorcycle which has too much power to be controlled by an amateur. We understand you have an ultimate goal to become a tough, uncompromising rider and that might be your ultimate reason to learn to ride a bike in the first place, but you should take all the necessary precautions before being a rough-and-tumble rider. We at Belmonte Bikes have an extensive range of mini bikes from which you can choose a style which would meet your expectation giving you the exact riding experience as you wanted. But before finalizing, speak to an expert who can give you a quick consultation on the types of mini bikes available and which one should suit you the best.

What is the purpose of your new ride?

You are planning to buy, but our question is why? Do you want to go on a road trip across the country, or wish to flaunt your new style statement to the locals? Are you an adrenaline junkie who wants to wants to become one of the top racers in their community? Or maybe you just wish to live the dream to strap on a biker leather on and hop on a Harley to head out to a motorcycle rally. Whatever reason that you hold for buying a mini bike would be an impactful choice that should be easy to handle yet powerful enjoy to give you that joy ride.

Where do you live?

Yes while considering all the essential factors, location plays a vital role in selecting which bike you should buy. Ponder terrain, and seasonal temperatures of your riding range might be a good thing to start with. Winters are the hardest climate to face by the rider; hence most prefer to throttle their engines in a breezy summer vibe.

The terrain is also a pivotal consideration to endure a personified riding experience. If the surrounding you are going to ride is primarily windy- A Cruiser might be a great escape to a grasping adventure that you have in mind. If you wish to have an easy maneuver and don’t want to get into any technicalities, buy a sports bike to fulfill your zeal to ride.

In the end, we recommend you to go with what your heart beats for. Whichever you might pick, we promise to deliver the best-in-class product to satisfy every desire and expectation from your DIY mini bike. We at Belmonte Bikes, promise that our product quality and service will quell all your doubts about chopper or any other motorcycle. Don’t forget to grab the most of our President's day Discount offer with just a minimum offer of $899. Just apply “TAX100” at the checkout. Happy riding!

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