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What kind of Fuel Injection Technology does an Electric Motorcycle use?

Just a decade ago, there was a new revolution driven by rising demand for clean-air and increasing fuel prices in the automobile industry and this revolution acted as a springboard for many new technologies and processes that later became inherent to the automobile industry and now they are the most common aspects of most vehicles.  Just like the rise of gas pocket bikes

Due to that revolution, carburetors were abandoned and fuel injection systems were introduced. Even the snow blowers are experiencing the same phase of change as the electronic fuel injection system is amplifying power and reliability while plummeting emission and consumption. 

There used to be a time when a carburetor used to send the right amount of fuel in the cylinder but in the current era, this is done by the engine control unit, the main controlling unit of the electronic fuel injection system. The engine control unit is a type of computer chip that analyzes signals received from the system.

Here is a look into fuel injection technology and your new motorcycle, whether they are gas pocket bikes or any other vehicle. 

What are Electric Motorcycles?

Electric motorcycles are electric-powered based motorcycles that run on electricity. They come equipped with batteries that need to be charged through a plug-in system. Electronic motorcycles don’t have any harmful effect on the environment and they are less noisy as well. 

What type of Fuel Injection Technology should you use in an Electric Motorcycle?

Throttle body or single-point injection 

This is the simplest and the oldest type of fuel injection system and it simply replaces the traditional carburetor with more than one fuel injector nozzle in the throttle body. The replacement of the carburetor in this can be made even by a single fuel injector nozzle. 

For a more complex multi point system, the single-point injection system in the form of the throttle body was nothing less than a stepping stone for many manufacturers. Although this system was not that precise, it was still better than a carburetor. 

Multipoint fuel injection 

In this type of fuel injection system, there is a dedicated injector nozzle for every cylinder. This nozzle is located just outside the intake port and this is the main reason why this system is known as port injection. 

This type of fuel injection system can shoot the fuel vapor very close to the intake port and this ensures that the fuel vapor is not wasted during the process as it is drawn completely into the cylinder. 

Sequential fuel injection 

It is a type of multiport injection and the USP of this type of injection system is its ability to trigger each injector nozzle independently and this reduces the hang around the time of the fuel after being sprayed. 

Timed in the fashion of spark plugs, the nozzle can spray the fuel quickly before or when the valve opens. It might look like a small aspect of the overall system but it improves the effectiveness by many folds.

Benefits of Fuel Injection Technology for use in  Electric Motorcycles?

More power 

If the engine of a 49cc pocket bike will be equipped with an electronic fuel injection system then it can provide more torque and power, especially in comparison to an engine that comes with the age-old carburetor system.

The main reason why the fuel injection system of a 49cc pocket bike can do it is it can optimize the air to fuel ratio and streamline the ignition timing. Also, it can compensate for a wide array of factors for providing the best performance to the motorcycle. 

Reduced fuel consumption 

If you always gripe about rising fuel prices and if you no longer have the stomach to deal with the fuel price then a fuel injection system is the right choice for you as it can reduce the fuel consumption, even in the case of 4 stroke pocket bikes

The fuel injection system continuously keeps tabs and makes adjustments to the air to fuel ratio for maintaining an ideal combustion condition. Also, it determines the right amount of fuel the injector needs to send. Fuel consumption can vary from one 50cc pocket bike to another, the optimization of the delivery can reduce fuel consumption in every case. 

Increased reliability 

The electronic fuel injection system is able to shrug off random engine stoppage since it maintains the ideal fuel to air ratio. Also, other issues related to sub-optimal air/fuel ratio like oiled spark plugs are also eliminated. 

On the other hand, carburetors need regular adjustment and that makes the process a herculean task for the 4 stroke pocket bikes owner. 

If you are looking for reduced fuel consumption and more power then you should always go for a fuel injection system. And if you don’t want to be limited to a handful of options then you must buy the best fuel injection based bike from Belmonte Bikes.


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