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What are the differences between GX120 and GX200 engines?

With the ever-changing trends and updates in technology, most people make it a point to know it all about any product they purchase. With a little help from the internet, finding out all specifications and schemes about everything you are looking to buy has become a matter of your fingertips! 

Similarly when you move ahead in the quest for finding the perfect bike that accompanies you on all planned and unplanned trips, knowing every detail becomes your top priority. With a new variant of the latest motorcycles being launched every other day, there are a plethora of options for you to choose from. Even among these options, you must make it a must to choose the best one. One way to do this is by comparing specifications, engine strength design, and the top speed of the bikes that seem to appeal the most to you. 

As news has it, the new HONDA CLONE buy online option is moving the market through its supreme standards. In particular, the GX engine series that has been launched by Honda has definitely become the top choice of every second buyer. Now the question is, which one is a better option in terms of the engine - the GX120 or GX200? While their performance and popularity go hand in hand, there are some notable mechanical and technical differences that must be explored in depth.

Read on to know all that you need to find out about the GX120 and GX200 as well as the HONDA CLONE buy online option.

What is it about the GX120 and GX200 engines that make them so popular? 

The versatility of the application of the engines is one major feature that has led to their vast popularity. Some of the common commercial applications can be seen in construction equipment, tillers, pressure washers, water pumps, generators, motorcycles, and several other industrial components. 

Some essential features of these engine types include:

  • Efficiency and output

The GX series of engines have proven to be top in terms of fuel efficiency. The OHV design ensures optimum power transfer and high output. A high compression ratio also joins in to elevate the fuel and output efficiency. 

  • Silent working

These variants are exceptionally noise-free. The lightweight, modified air intake system and large capacity contribute further to the process of making these engines noise-free.

  • Smooth functioning

Better, improvised engineering techniques have ensured that the functionality of engines becomes a hassle-free experience. There are lesser vibration and smoother working of the parts.

  • Reliability

The warranty period of 3 years along with a wide range of alert systems makes these engines the best options any company or individual would be willing to go with. 

  • Maintenance and emissions

The low maintenance and easy operation of the GX series of engines is another add-on. Even better is the fact that they provide the same output at lower emissions that can potentially harm the environment. 

Taking all of this into account, you now have a fair idea as to why GX series engines have set the standards so high in the present scenario.

Let us now find out a little more about the detailed comparison of the GX120 and GX200 engines! 

  • Engine type

Both the variants that are GX120 and GX200 engines are the 4-stroke air-cooled OHV type. This accounts for many of the features that these engines are known by. The top-notch performance, low maintenance, and standard of functionality and operation can all be attributed to the engine type. Since both GX120 and GX200 come with the same engine type, there is not much to compare in this domain! 

  • Bore x stroke

In the case of GX120, the bore x stroke dimensions are 60 x 42 mm while for the GX200 version, the bore x stroke dimensions are 68 x 58 mm. Depending on the type of performance you are looking forward to from your motorcycle engine, you have to make a fair decision when it comes to this parameter. As there is no definite way to say which one would be better for your requirements, professional advice from a reputed online store like Belmonte bikes can help you figure things out.

  • Displacement

For GX120, the displacement is about 118 cm (cube) and in the case of the GX200 engines, this value is somewhere around 196cm (cube). This value gives us an idea of the net capacity and hence enhances the capabilities of an engine. The displacement gives an idea of the total volume of all the cylinders in the engine so the one with a greater value indicates better capacity. 

  • Net power output

The output power is one such parameter that is given a lot of importance because ultimately that is what the efficiency of any engine depends upon. As a result, the performance of any machine or motorcycle that runs on the engine will also be determined by the net power output. For the GX120, the net power output is 3.5 HP (2.6 kW) @ 3600 rpm and in the case of GX200, the power output will be 5.5 HP(4.1kW) @ 3600 rpm. 

For the best deals and most detailed guidance about engine specifications, choose Belmonte bikes as your one-stop solution for the HONDA CLONE buy online option! With supreme expertise and well-trained professional advice, we will get to you all you need. 

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