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What are the 3 best mini choppers you can ride?

Chopper motorcycles have always dominated the American riding culture. Hot rods, hogs, phantoms are what bikers love to have a ride on.  The long freeways, friends on choppers burning the rubber at high speeds, load exhausts and the strong gusting wind- a dream come true for any adventure loving biker.

With the advent of time, new mini chopper motorcycles arrived for kids and teenagers with small and less powerful motors. These are basically toned down versions of real sized choppers. Even adults buy these for taking on smaller off-road adventures.

Though these bikes are smaller in size and have less power there is no compromise in quality. These bikes can be easily made with little effort or can be customized to get your desired model from shops and garages.

Let’s have a look at the Top 3  mini chopper motorcycles you can have a ride on


250cc Mini Chopper Ghost in Army Green Color


This is one mini chopper motorcycle you can't take your eyes away from. The model resembles a classic muscle bike. This is the 3/4 scaled version of the real version.

The motor is a strong 250 cc engine giving a top speed of 65+mph. The 17” wheels give superior road grip. It has a 5 clutch mechanism. Starting mechanism is available in both kick start and electric start. High beamed frontal headlights give you a nice advantage during rides after dark. Its rear ABS Hydraulic disc brakes give you easy and smooth stoppage capabilities.

The black padded seats provide comfortable seating while on the bike. Available in army green, glossy red and black colors this mini chopper is one to die for.


If riding in style is what you want then the Villain 250cc is just the bike for you. A scaled-down version of the original this hot rod with its high frontal design, long handles and sleek structure is a perfect ride for any chopper fanatic.

The villain mini has a top speed of 75+mph. It is the one with hydraulic suspension in the front and dual rear shocks at the back. The frontal are full chrome, 8L gas tank, 5-speed manual clutch provides a ride that cannot be compared.

The villain is a special mini chopper because of its wide array of specs which include turn signals, brake light, high beam and low beam headlights, speedometer, and horn. It comes in fiery red and deep blue color but looks best in the black version.


If you are concerned about your budget, yet want a strong and dependable mini chopper the Falcon 200 cc is just the thing you wanted.

With large 8’ rims over 19’ tires, the Falcon has extraordinary ground clearance ability which makes it safer for the rider even at high speed of 55+mph.

With rear drum brakes and a kill switch, it is more than what you ask for safety in a mini chopper motorcycle. To make your ride comfortable over bumpy roads the Falcon provides double shocks also.

The Falcon truly is what one calls “Big Thing in small package”.

Mini chopper motorcycles are the best thing you can try on before getting your actual size chopper. With actual models only being sized down these mini choppers provide you the rides of life. Smooth controlling, safety and great speeds are some of the advantages you get with this mini monsters. With customization shops going online now you don't need to search about neighborhoods after neighborhood to find the right mini chopper.

Belmonte Bikes are one of the most famous and well known mini chopper dealers with their huge range of bikes and biking gear. So if you want to have that mini adventure on your mini chopper contact Belmonte Bikes and take home your dream mini motorcycle and much more. They can be reached at 1-855-912-5552.

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