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Use these tips to enhance the performance of your 49cc engine pocket bike


With the evolvement of bikes over the years, pocket bikes are becoming more and more popular. Bikes were becoming more beast-like and started coming with new massive engines. Similar is the case of the pocket bikes. However, the smallest member of the family is still in demand. Yes, you guess it right 49cc engine pocket bike. 

With the increasing demand for pocket bike among the youngsters, everyone is looking for the enhancement in the performance of bikes. Heart of the bike, i.e. engine, is responsible for the performance of the bikes. One alters them or can opt for up-gradation packages to increase the performance of their little ones.  

Now the question arises how you can enhance the performance of the 49cc pocket bike engine? Don’t worry, strengthening the performance won’t cost an extra dime unless and until you choose any up-gradation package. 

Here are the tips to enhance the performance of your pocket bikes

  • Consistent maintenance 
  • Either its superbike or pocket bike, every bike or machine needs maintenance regularly to ensure their smooth functioning. To make sure time to time maintenance will occur of the manufacturer will also provide you with an after-sales service but on the additional cost. However, it doesn’t matter that manufactures provide you with after-sales services, and you need to maintain regularly. 

    Regular maintenance not only enhance your performance but also it prevents you from being stranded on the side of the road and can prevent accidents that can happen from the failure of machinery.  

    While going through regular maintenance, make sure to look after the chain as it is an essential part of the engine. While inspecting the chain, don’t forget to put some drops of chain oil. This will ensure the smooth functioning of the chain and can live longer. 

  • Engine oil 
  • Engine oil

                                                      Source: freepik 

    Engine oil of your pocket bike is a crucial part of your 49cc engine. With regular maintenance, always tap on the engine oil and make sure to use high-quality oil. 

    Regular changes in the engine oil to keep the bike engine on the toe and help to extend the life of the engine. It is not the case with only a 49cc engine; regular oil changes can extend the life of any engine. Not only the improvement in the engine life but also timely changes can increase the performance of the vehicle as well. 

  • Upgradation option 
  • With regular maintenance of your pocket bike, one can keep up with the performance. Even if you are not satisfied with the performance of your pocket bike. You can choose from our performance packages to upgrade overall performance. 

    You can choose from performance CDI Chip that can increase the top speed of your 49cc engine. With performance, you can also choose to more mileage with the up-gradation of the carburetor. We have everything for everyone in our packages. If you want to have a grumpier or more superbike like noise, then you can choose to upgrade to our fat performance exhaust. 

    If you’re not able to maintain or upgrade your 49cc pocket engine bike, then the durability of the mini bike and its performance will hamper. To maintain or increase the performance of your pocket bike engine, follow these tips. Even after that, you faced some difficulties, then contact us. We have a professional for your up-gradation needs. 

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