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Top 4 Electric ATVs You Can Gift Your Kid on Next Birthday!

Want to buy a cool bday gift for your kid that he or she will cherish forever? Opt for gifting them a Kids electric ATV. Here are a few top-notch models you can consider. 


You wouldn't want your kid's recent birthday gift to end up at the last shelf of that cluttered, dusty closet, would you? 


Well, obviously not. You would want to find a special and meaningful gift that fits the child's expectations and keeps his/ her spirits high.


If you have been on the internet for the past hour looking for innovative gift ideas for your child, look no further. We have already done the legwork for you, and after months of rigorous research, we have come to the conclusion that one of the best ways to put your gift automatically in the winning circle is to pick an electric ATV.


Kids electric ATVs not only satisfy their passion for riding four-wheelers but also allow the young adults to experience the joy and thrill of road trips and off-road adventures in style.


But, selecting the best ATV from the vast array of options available on the internet is no walk in the park. The market is full of false gimmicks, and if you are not careful enough, you will end up losing your hard-earned dollars to a cheap product that lasts only for a month or two.


So, how can you ensure the kids' electric ATV you're going to purchase won't be an utter disappointment? If you are not adept with the technical know-how, this guide, prepared by the experts of Belmonte Bikes, can ease your troubles.


They have included the top four electric ATVs available in the market today and discussed its key features and benefits as well. 


And we have no qualms saying just a quick glimpse through this blog is going to make your buying experience, oh-so-easy!


So let's begin, shall we?


Top 4 Kids Electric ATV

If you are not familiar with our website, let us tell you that Belmonte Bikes have been manufacturing power wheels for kids and adults alike for a decade now.

And, if you do not have the time to visit multiple showrooms and want to browse through the best models and brands available in the market, from the convenience of your home itself, Belmonte can be your way to go. 

Here are our top four picks of kids electric ATVs

Venom 1500w Electric ATV

This one of a kind, fully electric four-wheeler suits kids and teens alike and allows them to ride through rocky terrains with absolute ease. It is also one of the biggest ATVs you will find in the market. Adding to the convenience, the Venom comes with an upgraded Rear Shaft Drive that provides the vehicle with extra torque and power during launch and helps it to glide through undulating surfaces with minimal vibration.

Moreover, the quad is adorned with a 1500W brushless motor that operates as silently as a snail. Now you can finally say goodbye to those days of constant rumbling sounds of motors every time your kid hops on his favorite ATV to take a tour in the yard.

To top it all, the motor also comes equipped with a 48V Lead-Acid battery that lasts for several hours. What's more, the colorful LED headlights make it ideal for night time adventures as well.

2019 Electric Mini ATV 1000 Watts 36 Volts with LED Headlights

Pre-order our 2019 electric mini ATV 1000 watts 36 volts with LED highlights for your little one to ensure fun ride and safety. Compared to their counterpart gas models, they are easy to maintain, and quieter bikes with appealing LED highlights. With a brushed electric motor, it does not require a pull up to start and can be started with a turn of the key. It needs no license and comes equipped and installed with an upgraded LED headlight and three-speed governor. Get free matching rims, upgraded front ad rear mono-shock, drilled rotors, and up-gradation to 1000W. 

2019 Electric Teen & Adult-Size ATV Quad VTT 1500 Watts 48 Volts

Ideal for the teenagers and soon to be adult, this electric ATV quad VTT 1500 watts motorbike, Electric Teen & Adult-Size ATV Quad is one of our quietest motors that are sure to uplift your kids riding experience. One of our largest electric ATVs for sale, it can be driven up to 50 km on a full charge and comes with a year warranty. The hydraulic braking system facilitates soft raking in all weather conditions. It requires little to minimum maintenance and ensures a safe and fun riding environment. 

Venom electric mini ATV 1000W

This model is ideal for kids aged between 2-6 yards. It can be a perfect choice if this gift is going to be the first four-wheeler your kid ever rides. It is one of the safest electric four-wheelers available in the market today and comes packed with remarkable safety features. What's more, we are currently offering this outstanding model at a discounted price of just $ 799 USD, so that you don't end up burning a hole in your pocket. 

It is equipped with a long-lasting 36 Volt battery, 1000W brushless motor that operates very silently. So, if your kid is sensitive to loud noises, this model can be the perfect option to consider.  


High-quality electric ATVs help your kids learn the intricacies of driving from a very early age. Just make sure you go through the specifications before buying and consider the age of the kid to ensure it suits the child. However, most kids' ATVs have an adjustable speed governor, so you will be able to monitor the speed till your kid grows and understand the limits of his/her riding speed.

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