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Top 10 electric pocket bikes to buy before 2021 ends!

No one can forget their first experience of riding a motorcycle as the thrill and excitement are unmatched with anything else in the world. And if you are planning on passing the same experience to the next generation safely, then all that you need to do is buy an electric pocket bike. 

Electric pocket bikes are environment-friendly and safe for kids. But with so many electric minibikes, choosing the right one can be tricky. This is why, in this blog post, we have come up with a list of the top 10 electric bikes to buy in 2021 and 2022. 

Why do you need a mini bike?

Mini bikes are perfect for kids since they can introduce them to the world of driving at an early age and that too in a safe manner. But there are many electric pocket bikes out there that are specially built for adults too.

Top 10 electric pocket bikes in 2021

  1. Razor Dirt Rocket MX350

If your kid is ready for some off-road fun, Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 is the best option. From twist-grip throttle to pneumatic tires, all the features that come in the Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 fit like a glove in your kid’s driving needs. It is an easy-to-operate mini bike that has been designed to rule different terrains. 

  1. Razor SX350 McGrath Electric Motocross

This is a perfect minibike for kids aged 13+. The riser-style handlebars can be easily adjusted, and since they are closer to the rider, they offer better control. The knobby pneumatic tires are the main attraction, and with a 250W electric motor, it can reach up to 14mph. You also get hand-operated rear brakes along with a retractable kickstand.

  1. Lil’ Rider Beginner Ride-On Bike

This bike is ideal for introducing your child to driving at an early age. The 6V battery-operated motor offers a speed that is considered safe for children. Kids aged 3-7 can always enjoy this mini bike, and the realistic look of this bike makes it look enticing for kids. 

  1. Razor MX500 High-Torque

This is the biggest mini bike in this category, and therefore, even adults can take it out for a ride. The frame of this mini bike is shatter-resistant, and the 500W variable speed motor offers a lot of power. The high torque of this bike is its USP, and it provides the thrill that you want. 

  1. Burromax

The stacked suspension and the easily-variable 250W acceleration of Burromax are the two main points of attraction. Besides, you also get steel frames with a long lifespan, and thus it can be considered an ideal dirt bike. But the best part is you can cover even a 14 miles journey with this dirt bike before the battery demands another round of charging. 

  1. Razor MX650 Rocket

The best part about this bike is it stays green while offering a fast speed. The overall design of this bike makes it look like a dirt bike, and it also delivers like one. It might be offering dual-suspension, but it also comes with the classic riser handlebars. 

  1. Razor RSF350 Street Bike

Are you looking for perfect electric pocket bikes for the summer season? The Razor RSF350 Street Bike is what you have been looking for. It offers an ideal balance of performance and looks, and it comes with a 350W motor that is more than enough. The street feels, and the lightweight frame makes it perfect for summer. 

  1. Mototec Premium 500W Electric Mini Pocket Bike 36V

This mini pocket bike comes with a 36 volts 500 W motor, and it can reach up to 20 MPH. It is considered ideal for kids aged 13+. You need to charge it for 4-6 hours, and it will be ready for a long journey. 

  1. Mototec 1000W Electric Super Pocket Bike 48V

This is recommended for kids aged 16+ as it is a powerful pocket bike, which is why it has been put in the super pocket bike category. But this also means that along with your child, you can even take it for a ride. 

  1. Razor Off-Road Quad

This might not be a mini bike, but since we are talking about the best rides for kids and youngsters, we couldn’t stop ourselves from introducing this exceptional quad to the list. With the powerful 350W, never consider it any less than gas-powered quads. Check it out today!


Just choosing the right electric mini bike is not enough as you also have to choose the platform from where you are going to buy the bike. If you are looking for affordable deals on electric bikes and want the best service, then explore Belmonte Bikes as we have the most extensive collection of electric minibikes and great holiday deals!

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