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Tips To Improve Performance Of Your Pocket Bike

With the ever-growing popularity of bikes, the market space is flooded with many options for bike enthusiasts. You have cafe riders, racer bikes, superbikes, and pocket bikes. Bikes are evolving to be more practical and easy to use. Earlier it was all about massive engines and loud exhaust, but over time customers have grown fond of pocket bikes. 

Pocket bikes are usually 49 cc to 75 cc bikes with smaller engines apt for the daily commute and intercity travels. But do not be fooled by the smaller engine metrics. These efficient bikes can reach 40-50 mph easily. There are many pocket bikes available in the market. Some common examples are Yamaha pocket bikes and grom pocket bikes. The grom is the more famous out of the two due to its competitive pricing and overall features. 

With the youth getting attracted to the pocket bikes, they are looking to get the most out of these machines. And it is no secret that the engine is the heart and soul of any bike. Thus they try to keep the engine in the best state possible to get the best performance out of their pocket bikes. 

How can you get the most out of your pocket bikes without spending thousands of dollars on it? You do not need to shell those extra dollars unless you go for major updates such as engine up-gradation or exhaust up-gradation of your grom pocket bike. 

Here are the points you must consider to get the most out of your grom pocket bike:

  • Maintenance 

It does not matter if you have a superbike or a pocket bike. Every machine needs regular and timely maintenance to prolong its life. Regular maintenance of these bikes helps them to function smoothly. Most of the grom pocket bike retailers will offer you an after-sales service at a nominal charge. It is advisable to pay for those after-sales services as they are worth it. 

Even if your manufacturer or the retailer of your grom pocket does not provide you with after-sales service, you must set up due reminders and get your grom pocket bike serviced regularly. Regular maintenance enhances your grom pocket bike's performance and prevents your engine from sudden failure. 

When servicing your grom pocket bike, make sure that your bike's chain and the terrain drive are adequately serviced. These are crucial elements in your pocket bike, as well as the most susceptible to wear and tear. Spray the machinery with chain oil and other lubricants that extend the durability of these machine parts. 

  • Engine oil

Engine oil is essential for the performance of your grom pocket bike. You should always maintain the recommended level of engine oil in your grom pocket bike. Make sure that you always use high-quality engine oil. One indicator of the engine oil is its viscosity. 

The engine oil with a high viscosity index is good for your engine. With continuous use, the viscosity of the engine oil decreases, and the oil gets blackened. Make sure that you change the engine oil before it turns completely back. Black engine oil with water like fluidity indicates that the engine oil needs to be replaced. 

Also, the timely change of the engine oil can improve the performance of your pocket grom bike. The engine becomes much more responsive, and the throttle improves with the regular changing of the engine oil.

  • Updating the bikes

With regular maintenance and servicing, your grom pocket bike can yield satisfying results. However, if you still want more from your pocket bike, you can go for the updating packages. Many custom shops offer up-gradation packages that increase the performance level of the pocket bikes considerably. 

Common up-gradation kits include a performance CDI chip, enhanced carburetor, and the exhaust. The CDI chip is installed on your bike to extract maximum power from your engine so that you do not experience any lag while shifting gears or accelerating. The carburetor more or less deals with the engine transmission. An enhanced carburetor will allow for a smoother transmission even at high speeds. The exhaust does not have anything to do with engine performance directly. 

However, the lightweight exhausts with shorter nozzle heads make a difference in the initial acceleration of the bike. The exhaust can also hamper the performance of the grom pocket bike if not fitted properly. Make sure that the exhaust you choose is not too heavy or big for your grom pocket bike to carry.

Updates are not necessary if you are a beginner. You can just regularly service and maintain your bike to get the best driving experience.

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