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Tips To Customize Your Chopper

If you own a motorcycle, chances are you are very proud of it. You want to ride your bike every time you get a chance. You also want your bike to stand out from the crowd. There are some tips to help you customize your chopper. You can also purchase a custom chopper for sale and add your personalized touches.

Custom Plates

Custom license plates are a way to show your personality on the chopper. There are many different fonts, colors, and borders to select from. You may even be able to design your plate and use a photo that you like. Custom slogans may be added to the plate. This will allow you to make a statement and stand out from the other choppers.

Vinyl Wraps

You can get a custom paint job on your bike, and it can look great, but you will be stuck with it. There is an option if you want to change the color and design now and then. A vinyl wrap can be put on your bike. They come in both matte and glossy colors. You can even get some great works of art on these wraps and then apply it to your chopper. You can get a full bike wrap, or you can choose to customer part of your chopper. You can get an eye-catching design and pattern. They are good for personalizing the body of the bike. If you work with a quality craftsman, you will not see any bubbles or folds. It will look just like paint. You can have a wrap for a long time and change it in the future without any peeling or damage to the bike.

Grips and Brake Handles

Some small touches can be added to the chopper that can make it stand out. There are several pieces on the bike that can be customized. The grips, brakes, and clutch levels can be customized. A person can search for retail stores or they can search the internet for pieces that they are looking for. They can find different colors and designs that will go well with the rest of the chopper. There are even spiked hand grips that will give the chopper a new look. A flake brake piece can also add a different touch to the chopper. There are plenty of customized items that can be used in place of the stock parks. There are custom bolts and foot pegs. You can mix and match these items to get a chopper that you like and says something about your style.

Wheel Lights

Wheel lights can give the bike a cool look. Blue lights are common but when a person is customizing their chopper, there are many other colors that they can select from. As the bike is riding down the street, these lights will make a great impression. A person should check with the regulations and the laws in their area to make sure they are putting colors and lights on the bike legally. Some colors may be restricted to emergency personnel only.


If a person does not want to change the color or the design of the entire chopper, there are still some ways they can add a custom design to the bike. Decals are a great way to add a personal design to the chopper. You can get a decal in just about any design that you like. You can have one that is humorous or one that makes the chopper look tough. Decals can be dramatic or they can add a great design that will look cool on the bike.

 Air Filter

You can customize your bike on the inside and the outside. A performance air filter can make a difference when you ride. This performance filter can give the bike some extra power and you may be looking to replace the stock filter to allow better airflow. You may want to look up the specific model of your bike so you can get the best fit and the most power.

Air Induction System

This is a great part of the chopper to customized if you are looking for more power. Cooler air is forced away from the engine, which will allow the chopper to burn fuel more efficiently and you will get more power out of the chopper. You should have this system installed by a professional mechanic to make sure it is done correctly and any adjustments can be made so that you will be able to ride your bike with ease and enjoy the ride. Customizing this system will allow you to change the way that you ride. 

These are some ways that you can customize your chopper to stand out from the other bikes. You can add your design and style and then show it off when you go for a ride.

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