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Thinking of gifting a pocket bike on your little ones birthday?

So your little one is soon turning into a teen?

Did you give in to their wishes of getting them a pocket bike this year?

Well, before going around shopping for the perfect pocket bike, maybe gather an extensive knowledge about it.

So what are pocket bikes?

Pocket bikes are motorcycles but smaller, lighter and offer low speed, enough for a teen to enjoy their evening outings with their friends and remain safe. They are designed specifically for kids in the age group of 12-16 but can be customized for the comfort of an adult.  They are becoming increasingly popular because of their fun and sleek style. Pocket bikes are in the class of mini motorcycle and are available in two forms: electric pocket bike and gas pocket bike.


Depending upon your choice, you can either select gas or pocket bike. An electric pocket bike as the name suggests runs on electricity while gasoline powers the gas pocket bikes.

  • If you prefer living life eco-friendly way, we would suggest you opt for an electric pocket bike, that unlike any other motorbike, does not need petrol/diesel to operate and do not emit smoke that degenerates environmental health. Also, if you are on a budget and are looking for affordable options, the electric pocket bike would be the ideal choice for you since they can be charged at the comfort of your home.

  • If you want them to have a proper motorcycle experience, with heightened speed and more power, you can opt for gas pocket bikes. But if are worried about your children’s safety, you should go for electric bikes. You can choose from a variety of gas pocket bikes for sale on Belmont bikes. We have a wide range of dirt bikes, mini chopper, go-karts made from the best materials to emerge strong out of any adventure.

Things to keep in mind when driving a pocket bike:

  • Make sure that your child is at or above the legal age for driving pocket bikes.
  • Check with your local law enforcement about the places where it is legal to ride pocket bikes.
  • Check that they are wearing all the necessary safety gears like a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, gloves, and shoes. Helmet for pocket bikes should meet the helmet certification requirement.
  • Ask your kids to not drive pocket bikes on the highways, busy roads, sidewalks or any area used by small or large motor vehicles.

  • Check that the kids don't ride pocket bikes in waters that can impair visibility and traction like rain, ice, snow as they can lead to a severe accident.
  • Always check that the kids are riding pocket bikes on smooth roads and not on streets or surfaces with water, ice, mud, sand, gravel, dirt. Be sure that the riding area is free of obstruction, debris and provides sufficient visibility.


Pocket bikes might be an affordable investment, but just like any motorcycle, they need proper care and maintenance. Hence, make it a point that your kids learn the following tips to maintain their pocketbooks to keep it in the best shape:

  • To ensure that the bike is efficient, safe to ride and has a good life, do a regular inspection of its parts especially the chain. You will have to adjust, lubricate and align the chain time to time.

  • Check if there aren't any worn out parts; if the sprockets are damaged or the chain jumps off frequently. Immediately replace the damaged parts.

  • Periodically check for tire pressure and ensure that the pocket bike has right pressure inside.

  • Make it a point to change the oil over time, so that your pocket bikes engine life is extended.


Purchasing a pocket bike is not just as simple as shopping for a party dress, hence make sure you do thorough research before making a purchase. You can avoid the hassle of wandering from automobile showrooms and instead shop online at Belmonte Bikes where you can find gas pocket bikes for sale, chopper bikes, super pocket off-road bikes with extensive features at an affordable price. You will not only find bikes for kids here, but we also have a full-size motorcycle, electric ATV for adults.


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