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Things You Need To Do Before Riding Your Brand New X19 Super Pocket Bike

You have just purchased your sweet new ride that is a X19 Super Pocket Bike. This is great but do you know what you must do before thinking of going on an adventurous ride. There are certain things that you should do and that’s why we are here, to let you know about those things. So, let’s get started:


  1. The first thing you need to do is unpack your X19 Super Pocket Bike and check for any damages. As for assembly, you can easily find all the information in the manual provided with the bike. Assembling the bike part is mandatory as it needs you to attach the battery under the seat. Then you have to bolt the seat back. It then requires you to install the front fascia with the headlight.
  1. The oil already in the bike is fine to use but it is recommended that you change it for best performance. So, drain all the oil from the engine and put a high quality 10W-30W motorcycle oil inside.
  1. Check the air pressure of both front and rear tire that should be around 30 to 32 psi.
  1. Now, you have to check all the bolts and nuts to ensure they are tight. The bolts, handlebars, chain, tires and body kit all come tightened but for your own safety you have to perform a thorough checking.
  1. Have a look at the fuel line that comes from the gas tank and goes to the carburetor. Ensure that it is tightly connected. Now, fill up the gas tank with regular gas as in 84 that is fine or with the premium that is 91 or higher that is usually recommended.
  1. Wait before taking off to your first ride. Get acquainted with your bike and know all the buttons and how exactly to use them. Get familiar with the foot brake as it is stronger than the hand brake. According to manual version, the left handle is a clutch while the right one is a front brake.
  1. In addition with the brakes and handles, there are certain other things to keep in mind. To make sure the brakes work just fine, move the bike back and forth with your legs. Use the headlights, signal lights and try the horn to see if they work. Make sure you try out your safety gears like gloves, helmet etc. If everything looks and feels good, you are all set to go on your first ride.

Now, simply put the key in ignition and move it to the right. This in turn will click on your speedometer that will display your gear, speed and milage. Also, always start your bike in neutral. So, enjoy your bike and an adventurous ride! If you want to buy a X19 Super pocket bike, contact us and get yourself a sweet ride right away!

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