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Things To Consider Before Buying An ATV For Your Kid

Kids are always excited when they get to ride ATV, especially in summers. While the season brings a great atmosphere, it prompts children to have outdoor fun. And, ATVs can be a perfect companion to enjoy the summer. Right from its features to its enchanting appearance, everything about ATVs is many thrills. Whether your kid is a beginner or experienced, it is also important to know safety precautions such as wearing proper gear, goggles, gloves, over-the-ankle boots. We at Belmonte Bikes offer you a variety of kids electric ATVs including colors, accessories, helmet packages.

If you want your kid to learn some riding skills, ATV will be a perfect vehicle to introduce your kid with utmost fun and adventure (beginners need the proper assistance of parents/professional trainer). In addition, riding ATV enables your kid to learn balancing, endurance, activate cognitive functions and many more. However, if you are planning to buy an ATV for your kid,  there are several factors you need to analyze in an ATV to ensure the authenticity and stability of the product.

Here are some of the common factors you need to ensure before buying an ATV.

Safety features

When you are buying an ATV for your kids, it is the first and foremost concern to ensure all the safety features of the vehicle that qualifies balance and comfort simultaneously. Our electric kids ATV consist all the possible safety features such as chainless gearbox transmission, brushless motor, a wheelie safety bar to support your kid with balancing, hydraulic brake system with a brake sensor to stop the motor from running when the handle is pressed. To know more about our exclusive offers, get in touch with us right now.


Another important factor to consider in an ATV is the maintenance factor. It’s important that the vehicle should require less maintenance so that you don’t need to give to the service anytime soon. If you choose a kid electric ATV  from Belmonte Bikes, you will enjoy these maintenance benefits as most of our kid electric ATVs do not consist chain, sprockets, oil or gas which means you don’t have to put extra labor to maintain the vehicle.


The automobile market has a variety of ATVs and its types to offer its customers but what suits best your child is your concern. Right from utility ATVs to sports ATVs, you will find enormous options to choose from. You can select from these kids specified electric ATVs such as White Mini Quad ATV Dirt Motor Bike, Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeler, and Kids ATV Quad 4 Wheeler.


Another important factor is considered tyres in a kids ATV; this needs to be authentic and sustainable to accommodate most vulnerable road conditions. You can check for some piles, type of thread, tread depth, sturdy enough to face the scratch. Usually, angle tread is the right choice for muddy terrain whereas paddle tread is known for the best accommodation in the sand.

Electric or gas ATV

When you are choosing an ATV for your kid, electric ATV is the best option over gas to match the abilities of your kid. Also, electric ATVs are much cost-effective than gas ATVs. Whereas, choosing a gas ATV for 10+ kids is not a right option. However, if you want thorough assistance on this ground, you can visit our website for detailed information about different kids ATVs.

Buying new or second hand

Many must have suggested you about what will be the right option, used or brand new ATVs. First, you need to understand about both the vehicle types so that you can make a fair decision for your kid. While used ATV will come with substandard features such as condition, parts of the ATV, and many more, this can be cost-efficient. But, when you buy a brand ATV, you will get the enormous benefits such as a fully-featured vehicle, safer, attractive appearance and many.


When you are selecting an ATV for your kid, it’s important to consider the engine type that can best suit your child’s skill level. First, know about your child’s strengths and weaknesses, this can be analyzed by their habit of riding bicycle which develops the basic skills in your kid. There are different measurements of cubic centimeters (cc) for different ages. According to experts, it’s important to consider the lower unit of this volume when choosing a vehicle for kids.

To Sum It Up

It’s always encouraging to gift your child something like ATV that ultimately excites them to explore their riding skills. This can be beneficial for many grounds such as developing skill, ability, and confidence. So, if you are planning to gift your kid an ATV, then make sure you are considering above-mentioned factors before you buy it. Let us take the pleasure to assist you while you choose from a variety of ATVs.

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