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Things That Are Just Misconceptions About Electric Mini ATV

Electric bikes have only been around a relatively short amount of time; however, they have gained massive popularity among the teens over the last few years. They are different from those regular bikes that we have known forever. The electric mini ATVs that Belmonte bikes provide are easy to charge and equipped with pedal assistance. These could be an interesting sporty option for teens (a healthy one). If they are escaping from regular exercise and constantly looking for an excuse not to do so, then worry not, we are giving your teen an electric ATV which is a package of fun, thrill, and fitness. Therefore, your teens will run out of reasons not to go out and enjoy a ride on an electric ATV. But with the increasing popularity of these efficient vehicles, there is some misinformation that has popped up.

With that in mind, we’d like to set the records straight and tell you about a few common misconceptions spread around electric mini ATV:

Way too Fast:
We understand this misconception is there because of the existence of motor in these bikes, but that doesn’t really make it a motorcycle. Most electric ATVs have a top speed of 25 mph/ 35km/h. Like this one here, it has two speed setting with it governed with one plug. When the governor is plugged the ATV is limited to 5mph whereas, when unplugged, it offers speed of 25mph or 35km/h. They are not that fast since they could go approximately 3 per hour faster on flat and uphill surfaces. We always recommend leaving for an adventure with all the safety precaution.

Too heavy:

Well, you cannot expect an electric mini ATV to be of weight as a standard bicycle. With the motor and different body, we have been successful in providing you with the lightest weight possible for an electric mini ATV. Also, the weights help balance the ride better and even with four wheels it is easier than ever to ride. Moreover, a more significant contribution to the overall weight on the ride is actually added by the rider. Therefore, weight should not be a problem, if that was stopping you from buying.

Difficult to operate:

Since you are thinking to give your teen an electric ATV, it is essential to be sure if they are easy to work. Many people believe that ATVs are complicated to function. Our teen electric ATV has front drum breaks, which allows a smooth break. With rear hydraulic breaking system and front & rear racks, it delivers a swift ride. There is easy display attached to the vehicle which displays essential information such as the amount of charge left, current speed along with maximum speed. Our this star product is Equipped with a 48 Volt Lead-Acid battery which makes you worry less when they out for a ride in the woods about your teen getting stuck in the woods without battery.

They are Noisy:

Again, since an electric mini ATVs are comprised of a motor, people usually think that they must be noisy; but this is not true. Our “ ELECTRIC TEEN & ADULT-SIZE ATV QUAD VTT 1500 WATTS 48 VOLTS” is equipped with 1500 Watt brushless motor, which allows it to be extremely quiet. This is what will have your friends wanting one.

If you are sure about giving your teen an electric ATV, then we have many options to choose from. You can buy our “ ELECTRIC TEEN & ADULT-SIZE ATV QUAD VTT 1500 WATTS 48 VOLTS” and enjoy quad adventure for many years. With LED headlights and horn for night time rides, you’ll find your way or make help come to you. With matching, rims and speed governor will just level up the thrill and fun of this monster. If your ready to gift your teen an adventure for real, this might be a good option. But, If your child is between the age of 6-12 years, then you can go for our ELECTRIC MID-SIZE ATV QUAD VTT 1300 WATTS 48 VOLTS. They are ideal for children and come with a top speed of 35km/h/22mph. For more information about our extensive product range and other queries, leave a message here, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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