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These 49cc Pocket Bikes are more fascinating than your toys

The custom of adventurous deeds has always been trending among young generation. Kids are getting bored of toys and are inclining towards something more enthrilling. This change in behaviour had been bothering parents about their child’s safety.

Driving is a sport; a quite entertaining one. But keeping legal age and your safety under consideration, you can’t be a kid to enjoy driving! Some wise man has rightly said - “Necessity is the mother of invention”, which brings us to the topic of this article.

The concept of Pocket Bike is quite old. The foundation for these mini bikes was laid back in 1946. They have been trending since then and for all the right reasons. It’s low seating, lightweight, have good speed, etc. are a few reasons that have kept on the ignition of its attraction among kids. Be sure to check out the new cool - 49cc Pocket Bikes, at Belmonte Bikes.

Why Pocket Bikes?

  • They are cheap : A 40-49cc Pocket Bike is going to cost you around 500 dollars, which is a good deal.
  • Both for kids and adults : It is completely a myth that Pocket Bikes are just for kids. Adults enjoy it as much as the younger generation.

  • Low - seated : Pocket Bikes are low - seated which makes it easier for kids drive them.

  • Pocket Bikes are adventurous : It is quite a common to say this for driving but considering their size, Pocket Bikes are quite adventurous. They also have their own racing competitions.

  • They are safe for the kids : Another myth about Pocket Bikes prevailing out there is that they are not safe. Just like any other vehicle, if used under right supervision and all the rules followed, Pockets are perfectly safe for kids.

  • They are also available in super bike models : Pocket bikes also have variants with higher power engines. They are called Super Pocket Bikes. So along with the fun of riding, you can also experience the thrill of riding a superbike.

  • Now that we have all the reasons to get our hands on a Pocket Bikes, it is time for us to decide which one? There are many variants out there - the 40cc variant, the 50cc one and many others. One of popular ones among the lot are 49cc Pocket Bikes.

    Key features of the 49cc Pocket Bikes

  • They come with EPA approved, air-cooled, 2- stroke 49cc engine.
  • With a powerful engine comes great speed. These bikes can attain an amazing speed of 35 miles per hour. ( or 56 km per hours)
  • Both front and rear wheels have disc brakes. So, drive along.
  • It has fuel capacity of 1.2L and other cool features as rigid steel frame, and centrifugal transmission.

  • With all been said, following rules and taking proper precautions such as wearing helmet is of utmost importance. Accident - trodden faces are never a pleasant site! For all the stated reasons, 49cc Pocket Bike is trending among the young generation and Belmonte Bikes are surely one of the best ones to order yours from.

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