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The safest bike for early teenagers - The 40Cc Pocket Bike

There is a predetermined age for indulging into every sort of activity. Be it casting the votes in elections, consuming alcohol, getting married or even driving, there is a legal age for every activity. But, it is the human nature that always strives against the stipulated law. Quite in the same way, we see a number of teenagers driving vehicles despite being minor in age. Apart from the law viewpoint, there is also a logical reason associated with the age bar for driving, which is very obviously safety. Biking is one aspect of driving which is considered to be a joyous act but is also considered to cause huge amounts of accidents. If you too are the parent of an early teenager, then you must have been haunted by the same thoughts. But, not anymore! The 40Cc pocket bike from the house of Belmonte bikes is the sure shot solution to your problem.

Bike rides - The new cool
A decade ago, vehicles were used just for the commutation purposes but today, there are multiple aspects associated with different types of vehicles. While, bikes signify style for the teenagers, cars usually symbolise class. No matter what the viewpoint is the safety of the little ones is at stake in every case. In most countries, the legal age to ride a two-wheeler is 17 on an average. While, some abide by the rule of age bar, many do not bother to do so. Teenagers of age below 17 are very common to spot biking and even driving cars. When this happens, it is the sole responsibility of the parents to consider and take care of their little ones. Riding bikes was already a trend but the new trend adopted by the teenagers as well as adults while riding bikes is the avoidance of wearing helmets. A number of people consider it to be very cool to ride a bike without a helmet and direct consequences of this is are accidents and mishaps.

Accidents and Mishaps
Dozens of people meet with innumerable accidents and mishaps everyday in every corner of the world. While accidents and mishaps are completely spontaneous events and are absolutely inevitable, but being meticulous in every step always pays off. When it comes to an adult, the sole responsibility of following the traffic rules is theirs. But, as the early teenagers are guarded by their parents or guardians, it becomes there responsibility to look after and take care of each and everything.It is really heartbreaking to see the little ones in the ugliest of accidents. It is quite often observed that people consider it really cool and trendy to violate the traffic rules. And sometimes, due to such type of people certain innocent ones suffer too. While the best to way to ensure least accidents for adults is by following traffic rules and for the little ones, it is to refrain from driving any sort of heavy vehicles.

Pocket bikes - for both children and adults
It is a sheer misconception that pocket bikes are built just for the teenagers or just for the adults. Instead, pocket bikes are safe and fun for both children as well as the adults. Unlike the other heavy vehicles, pocket bikes are very easy to drive and deliver a feeling of excitement to anyone who rides it. It comes with a plain and easy to handle design which lures a number of individuals.The 40cc Pocket bikes delivered by belmonte bikes are the best to try out, if you haven’t tried the pocket bikes yet. They come with sleek design and a lightweight body to best suit the individuals that enjoy riding lightweight bikes.

Features of the 40Cc pocket bikes

Belmonte has been a trustworthy name in the world of motorbikes. There is suitable bike for every person in the house of Belmonte, mentioned below are some features of the 40Cc pocket bike:-

1. It comes with an air cooled, 2 stroke engine consisting of a single 40 Cc cylinder.
2. The maximum speed on which the bike can be rode is of 30+ mph which comes under the safe range.
3. It comes with an extremely easy to pull starter which makes it the easiest motor to operate.
4. The brakes are cross drilled on the front as well as the rear section and are equipped with slotted discs.
5. The gas tank comes with a capacity of 1.25 litres.
6. The fuel required to run is the unleaded premium gas and it does not require oil mixing of any sort.
7. It comes equipped with some extra features like the kill switch and extra large brakes for better safety.

It is essential for every person to enjoy their life to the fullest but it is also very essential to abide by all the necessary rules and regulations to avoid any mishap. Biking is the new source of enjoyment but isn't very safe for the early teenagers. The 40Cc pocket bikes are the ideal vehicles for the little ones with a desire to ride bikes and Belmonte bikes are surely the best out of all other brands.

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