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The 3 Best Dirt Bikes To Buy

Dirt bikes are the craze of the new millennium. Millennials who love adventure sports are hugely favoring dirt bikes instead of the normal sports bikes. Motocross, Daytona SuperCross, and  legendary Rodeos have taken the popularity of dirt bikes to another level.  Even pocket dirt bikes have become quite a hit with children who are learning to ride.

With summer camps including mini dirt bike races for the children, the fandom has reached a new spire in bike riding. The demand for such dirt bikes and mini bikes have skyrocketed in recent years with loads of companies offering bikes, gears, and parts to sell.

With such kind of availability in the market, it is pretty confusing to choose which dirt bike to buy. No worries, here we help you out with the 3 best dirt bikes available in the market to buy and also reasons to buy them.


The Motocross Lithium 500 is one of the most powerful yet quieter of all dirt bikes. This beauty in blue comes with the lithium -ion based battery making it last long and ride better than the normal lead-acid battery. The bike is 5 times lighter than the normal gas bikes and 3 times lighter than other electric dirt bikes. A super favorite among the top riders this is a must add to your shopping list while looking for a dirt bike.


If you want a dirt bike that is for everybody the 49cc Premium Motocross is the thing for you. With front and rear disk brakes, a rear shock for those bumpy tracks and fully automatic transmission this looks after all your safety needs.

The front suspension has telescopic forks, tires are of 12” size. The single cylinder, air cooled 49cc engine is enough for your off-road adventures or small and fast rides. It runs on gasoline and cycles fuel in a mixing ratio of 25:1.


The Motocross pit bike is every rider’s dream bike. The 125cc sturdy bike is the best for long rides, jumps and crazy off roading. The clutch is fully manual giving you a smooth feeling of real dirt riding. Brakes include hydraulic brakes in the front and disc brakes in the rear.

For the real biker in you, the Motocross 125 is the ultimate vehicle. The bike is available in 3 variants of suave red, fiery blue and deep black.

Dirt biking has taken over normal biking in most of the countries. With annual rodeos, supercross happening all over, dirt bike racing and stunt mania are now one of the most popular adventure sports. Corporate sponsorship now stands in millions in such dirt bike events.

To meet the global demand for both bikes and biking events, shops now retail these bikes and customizations have taken up the job to provide the best bikes for riders. Belmonte Bikes is one of the very best in bike sales business with a wide range of dirt bikes up for sale. You can also get additional gear and parts for your bikes. Just contact them and get your dirt bike adventure ready.

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