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Super Pocket Bikes - Why they are worth your money

Bike riding has always been an adventurous sport and for all the right reasons. Considering the thrilling experience, adrenaline rush and not to mention the sporty-feel, it is of no surprise that Bike Riding has become a tradition with its own festivals like Racing Events, Off-Road Driving, etc. Science and technology have been super successful in developing wonders and one perfect example of this are - Pocket Bikes.

What are Pocket Bikes?

Pocket Bikes are a minuscule form of normal bikes with an average weight of 50 lb or 23 kg. They look like sports bikes have been scaled down to their one-fourth. The concept of Pocket Bikes was originally developed to introduce bike riding among the younger generation but soon became popular among adult fans. Pocket Bikes come in 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine categories of 40 cc to 250 cc with an average speed of about 50-60 mph. These bikes have a separate professional racing event called “Minimoto Racing”.

Is this trend justified?

Pocket Bikes are trending. Besides parents gifting their kids, they are also being bought by adults to experience the thrill. You just look for the world Pocket Bikes on YouTube and there are hundreds of videos lined up for you. They are this trending, given that they are street-illegal in most of the places! The question which keeps coming up is -  “Are Pocket Bikes worth the buzz?” Absolutely. Pocket Bikes are dwarf bikes with unbelievable speeds. They are lighter and cheaper than their original models and come with a sleek and sporty look which makes them a perfect attention-seeker.

What are Super Pocket Bikes?

A Super Pocket Bike is similar to Pocket Bike, but just a bit larger in size. As they are Pocket Bikes, they still are smaller than the original bikes they imitate. A Super Pocket Bike doesn’t differ a lot from normal Pocket Bikes, but they come in variants with a 4-stroke, 250cc engine!

The invention and creativity haven’t stopped here. New models are being launched with engines of stronger power and higher speed. Steps are also being taken to make these Pocket Bikes as safe as they can be, considering the increase in the number of accidents of pocket bike users.


The idea of minibikes can be traced back to Doodle Bug Scooter, a small-wheeled scooter, from 1946. This is to say Pocket Bikes and Super Pocket Bikes have been prevalent for more than 20 years now but due to advancement in technology and increased affordability, they have become quite popular in last few years and are trending despite the fact that they are street-illegal in most of the places.

Super Pocket Bikes are tiny but have considerable speed. This is what makes them a bit more dangerous. To ensure proper enjoyment of the ride and the driver’s safety, precautions should be taken to minimize the number of mishaps. Without proper care, the riding of a pocket bike could be dangerous and at times, even fatal.

Here are a few precautions that should always be kept in mind if you are driving a Pocket Bike or a Super Pocket Bike.

  • Always wear
  • To ensure proper safety, make sure that you wear all the safety pads before driving a pocket bike. Here are a few things you should always wear proper protective gear such as - Proper helmet, Knee pads, Elbow-pads, Gloves, Shoes, etc.

  • Maintain your Pocket Bikes
  • Make sure that you keep oiling your Pocket Bike/Super Pocket Bike at regular intervals to prevent any accidents from wear and tear. Also, check for strains in break and gear wires every time you take it for driving.

  • Obey the Laws
  • The laws are designed to ensure road safety and smooth functioning of traffic. Make sure to obey them. As already mentioned, Pocket Bikes and Super Pocket Bikes are street-illegal in most of the places yet it is perfectly legal to own them. Keep your Pocket Bikes off the streets in such places.

    Make sure to take all the precautions before riding Pocket Bikes or Super Pocket Bikes to ensure full thrill and safety. Kids should always drive under adult supervision!

    Key features of 250cc SXR

    Now that everything you are familiar with Pocket Bikes and Super Pocket Bikes, the time has come to introduce you to 250cc Super Pocket Bikes - Premium SXR. Its features will leave you awestruck at the capabilities of science and technology.

  • SXR is street legal and can reach to the speed of 80 mph!
  • It has an air-cooled 4-stroke engine of 250cc.
  • It is electric-start enabled with disc brakes in both the wheels.
  • It is a two-seater having comfortable leather padded seating with a fuel capacity of 3.96 Gallons.

  • Features of 250cc Super Pocket Bike - SXR can keep on increasing the length of this list but it’s always a better experience to try it out and see for yourself.

    Belmonte Bikes is one of the manufacturers of Pocket Bikes, ATVs, Super Pocket Bikes, Go Karts, etc. and has great customer reviews. Go, get your SUPER POCKET BIKE, NOW!

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