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Some unknown features of the rare Mini 125cc Chopper

Mini choppers are a symbolism of the American culture and it doesn’t get any more American than owning one and taking it out for a ride across the states. Mini choppers have dominated the scene for decades in the US. Here we will talk about the the mini chopper motorcycle segment and what all it has got to offer. Comparing the 125cc with 200cc or a 250cc mini chopper seems unfair as the 125cc means the motorcycle does not offer as much horsepower as its bigger counterparts. But did you know that a 100cc bike may offer a higher BHP than a 150cc bike. Sounds surprising? As a matter of fact, it all depends upon what kind of engine is the motorcycle fitted with and how much bhp is it offering.

Since the mini 125cc chopper are hard to come across as they don’t make them like the 200cc and the 250cc choppers. The rider base of this mini chopper is limited to teens and young adults and not many parents are willing to buy their teenager the mini chopper. Hence, with a limited user base, these mini 125cc chopper can be made to request are not easily available on the market.

If you are stuck up on getting a mini 125cc chopper, there are something you should know or could compare with a 200cc or 250cc chopper to see which is a better purchase and which one fits your desired description of a mini chopper. Decide for yourself and take a swing with some of our pointers on a mini 125cc chopper and some of its unknown features:

Fuel Capacity

A 125cc mini chopper has a lower fuel capacity than a chopper motorcycle with a higher cc. In the end it all comes down to the fuel combustion by the respective engines of these motorcycles. A 125cc mini chopper offers a generic fuel capacity of 1.5G whereas the fuel capacity of a 200cc mini chopper can go upto 2 to 2.5G.

Wear & Tear

A 125cc mini chopper is a bike made for riders who are all about going on long yet slack and laid back rides. For a faster, more power packed and rugged experience the 200cc and 250cc would be idea as these are more about high speed chases. These bikes are made for everyday usage and can have a high wear and tear in comparison to the heavier 200cc and 250cc chopper motorcycles.

Engine displacements

The engine not just affects the fuel consumption but also helps define the pickup of your motorcycle. The bigger the engine placement, the better your bike’s pickup. Being the core of your bike, it also helps define how your chopper will perform when driven on high speeds

Achievable top speed

Where the 125cc mini chopper might offer a top speed of 25mph or even more, a 200cc can offer a top speed of 60 to 90 mph depending solely upon the displacements it comes with. A bike’s achievable top speed depends upon not just the bike’s engine and achievable rpm but also upon the road’s condition and probably the rider’s weight as well.

Body & Other Specifications

Talking about the outer appearance of a 125cc mini chopper, it stands to be a smaller, more compact motorcycle in comparison to its bigger counterparts such as the 200 or 250cc mini choppers. The bike’s ground clearance is roughly around 3 inches while its seat height can go up to a good 18 inches as well. A 125cc mini chopper may have a chain transmission whereas a bigger chopper of 200cc has 5 top speed transmission. The difference in the brake systems is also evident as the 125 cc is a smaller motorcycle which has disc brakes whereas the bigger motorcycles are fitted with hydraulic disc brake suspensions. This is a customizable feature you can get fitted in your bike as per need. A 125cc mini chopper apparently weighs less than a 200cc or 250cc chopper. Its net weight can go somewhere around 127 lbs to a net weight of 149 lbs.

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