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Some fun facts about Ninja Motorcycles

The passion for motorcycles can’t be matched with the passion for any other vehicle. Riders from all around the world are dedicated to their love for motorcycles, and till now, the motorcycle industry has been able to meet the varying and diversified demands of motorcyclists from all around the world with newer models, latest technologies, more power, better control, and high speed. There is a wide array of brands in the motorcycle industry, and each one of them has been able to separate themselves from others, and the same goes for the stylish and powerful Ninja motorcycles.

Ninja motorcycles are known in the market for their green color and high speed, but these advanced motorcycles are much more than that. The background of Ninja motorcycle for sale is rooted in racing, and that’s the main reason why it goes so smoothly with sports. You might have started thinking that Ninja motorcycles are built for racers only, but you should know that they are even perfect for an evening ride or long road trips as well. If you are a Ninja motorcycle lover and want to know some fun facts about these amazing motorcycles, then you have come to the right place.

Ninja 900R was the first Ninja motorcycle.

If you are passionate about something, then it becomes important to know how it all began, as this will allow you to know how far it has come. You will be dumbfounded to know that the first Ninja motorcycle was launched in 1984, and it was known as Ninja 900R. It soon became the most revolutionary launch as in the upcoming years, as it shaped the racing culture and the features of motorcycles. Soon after the launch, the very first Ninja motorcycle went on to win many reputed awards, and this inspired other brands to follow the same path of manufacturing and production. The Ninja 900R was also the fastest bike of 1984.

America acted as an influencer for Ninja motorcycles.

You now know that the first Ninja model was the 900R, but do you know that the first Ninja motorcycle was built in an American plant? Yes, and even this revolutionary bike got its name for America. Although the parent company Kawasaki has many different brands under its umbrella, the Ninja went on to become one of the most demanding and highest-selling brands. Kawasaki expanded its presence in America with the launch of many new brands, but Ninja remained as the most selling brand all over the U.S. The look, feel, and high speed of Ninja motorcycles was highly welcomed by Americans.

The 250R becomes timeless.

In the past, all the racing motorcycles went through major changes in just two years. And now, the frequency of change in the model has increased to 4 years. When you look at the overall racing motorcycles segment, then you will notice that there were only a few motorcycles that survived the wave of change for more than four years, and 250R is surely one of them. The very popular 250R model from Ninja survived in the market without any changes for more than a decade. It was introduced in 1986, and it went on to become one of the best learner’s bikes. It took many years for the 250R to have real competition in the market, and it continued its dominance for more than a decade.

Ninja ZX-11’s introduced a new era of speedometers

The previous model ZX-10 went through some major changes, and the new model ZX-11 was finally launched by Ninja. The major changes in the previous model allowed riders to have the highest top speed in the model, and this high-speed model was welcomed with open arms by motorcyclists from all around the world. Along with the high speed, one of the biggest changes introduced in the market through the new ZX-11 model was the speedometer. According to various bike magazines, no other speedometer in the history read 320Km/hr, which is equal to 200mph. This was again a revolutionary change brought in by Ninja motorcycles.

Suzuki made a mistake for claiming the highest top speed

A heated rivalry started between Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Honda in the late 1990s. Kawasaki was surely leading the market segment of the fastest motorcycles in the whole universe through Ninja, but they felt threatened with the introduction of Honda’s release in 1996 that was later followed by even Suzuki. Well, with the intention of revenge, Kawasaki came back with ZX-12R in the year 2000. You will be surprised to know that this new model from Kawasaki can attain a speed of 178.5mhp, and it can even reach 185mhp. We can say that Kawasaki reclaimed the throne in a very timely manner.

If you are a true bike lover and passionate about speed, then you should definitely look for Ninja motorcycle for sale. There is a wide variety of Ninja motorcycle for sale in the market. You can choose the best one among them according to your needs, skills, and comfort.

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