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Some Amazing Facts About Super Pocket Bikes

Super pocket bikes have now become a new normal for most of the bike lovers. It is popular amongst both adults and kids alike. Adults love these amazing pocket bikes because it gives them a completely new riding experience. On the other hand, the kids love it because it allows them to experience how riding a standard-sized motorcycle feels. It all started in Japan with the invention of go-karts, which became the base for the future pocket bikes. The super pocket bikes are easy to maintain, looks stylish and acts as an economical option for all those people who are looking for some fun and adventure.

Riding a super pocket bike is an ultimate fun full of adventure. In the recent past, the market of pocket bikes has grown so much that nowadays people have different options of miniature bikes to choose from. Ranging from dirt bikes, ATV to mini bikes in the category of pocket bikes - each of the bikes has its own set of characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. If you are still perplexed as to which pocket bike, you should choose, then first know your requirements and then purchase it. This is because a well-informed decision will not let you repent later. 

The concept of super pocket bikes is not at all new; instead, it dates back to the year 1946 when the first super pocket bike The Doodle Bug Scooter was launched. Likewise, there are many facts which you should know, so following are some really amazing facts:

Pocket Bikes Are Not Toys - Many people think that pocket bikes are like toys but you should know that pocket bikes are quite powerful and you should never treat them as any other toy. If you are buying pocket bikes for your kid then you should never miss to buy a proper gear for your child as a pocket bike can go up to 40 mph speed thus leading to severe accident. The pocket bike protective gear for kids is easily available on the internet and it includes a helmet, jacket, gloves, knee pad, shoes and elbow cover.

Historical Background Is Interesting - You might be thinking that super pocket bikes are very new concept since they have gained the mainstream attraction in the past decade only, but that’s not true as the concept of pocket bike evolved from the Doodlebug scooter launched between 1946 and 1948. These early forms of pocket bikes were actually very compact, small wheeled motor scooters. The first batch included a total of 40,000 compact motor scooters. After the invention of go-carts during 1950, the first big move towards pocket bikes came, and since then, it has been achieving new heights of success.

Legality Is Not The Same - Most of the people think that it is legal to drive pocket bikes on the road in every state and in every country but you should know the street legal pocket bikes law differs from state to state and from country to country. For example, in the UK, you are not allowed to drive pocket bikes on roads and highways. The only place where you can drive these pocket bikes is a privately owned land or motorbike tracks. If you are caught riding these vehicles on the roads of UK then you will be arrested and your vehicle will be sealed. However, in the US, there are some states where it is legal to drive pocket bikes on the roads. Most of the countries globally follow the same law as defined by the UK. So, if you are planning to take out your pocket bikes on the road then go through your state law on a priority basis.

Special racing events - You will be surprised to know that there are special racing events organized just for pocket bikes and there might be such an event currently being organized in your city as well. There are different levels of racing events that require different types of pocket bikes for participation. These racing events are becoming quite popular among adults and kids. And, these racing events are a good opportunity to win huge prize money. So, the next time such events happen in your area, take out your pocket bike and participate in it.

Pocket bikes are the ultimate choice of fun and adventure for both kids and adults. If you are planning to buy pocket bikes, it is recommended that instead of buying it from your local market, you should prefer an online platform. Online pocket bike sellers like Belmontebikes offers a wide range of pocket bikes with attractive discounts and offers.

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