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Simple Steps To Follow For A Tension-free Ride

Every bike enthusiast craves for that perfect ride where there are no issues and everything runs smoothly. The joy of a bike ride is unmatchable and for every time you get on the rider seat to take your street bike out for a spin, you should follow these steps.

Here are the touchdowns that give you a worry free ride:


This might look like a very simple idea and yet it is a very effective one. Take a thorough walkaround of your bike and look over each part. Every part of your bike experiences wear and tear on a daily basis. Thus no matter how small or how big your bike requires your attention constantly. So, start by looking for simply anything unusual in your bike parts; even a small detail can lead to real problems. These problems can cause your bike to come to a halt in the middle of the road. 

In your walkaround of the bike check for any oil leaks and drips. Also, make sure that your coolant does not drip. If there are any leaks and drips visible on the engine of your bike then backtrack the drip to its source. 

Carefully check the pivot points and moving parts of the bike. As these parts go through regular wear and tear they must be verified and replaced. Coat these moving parts and jerk fittings with appropriate amount of grease. Check for the electrical components if there are any loose wires and fuses in the electrical glove box of the bike. Check for the battery usage. Is the battery weak or do you have a dead battery altogether?

All these checkpoints are rather small issues but they are crucial to ensure a hassle-free ride where you can have the sheer pleasure of your street bike without worrying about halting it mid way.

Electrical components

Your street bike is made up of two parts- mechanical parts and electrical parts. The mechanical parts like the engine, lever, and piston of the bike and the electrical parts such as the battery, switches, plug, and fuses of your bike. Make sure that your battery is fully charged at all times. Most of the modern street bikes have features that rely heavily on electricity and draw power from your bike’s battery. Make sure you have a maintenance charger for your battery. This charges your battery fully. 

To check you rattery properly get a battery tester. The battery tester is good for detecting cracking amps versus the number you punch by referencing the sticker on the bike’s battery. This will give you an idea of the standing voltage of your battery. 

To prolong the battery life clean the terminals of your battery and coat them with a dielectric grease. Dielectric grease prevents them from corroding and occasional damage from high voltage fro different plugs and switches. Most of the latest bikes allow for the storage of a spare battery. If you have the storage space for a spare then make sure to utilize it. 

Tires and wheels 

The importance of tires and wheels in your ride can never be overstated. The whole bike riding fun is reliant on balance and if the tires and wheels of your bike are not in a good state then you would not be able to balance your bike and may get involved in an accident. For instance, you are having the ride of your life and a sharp turn comes in your way. If the wheels are flat and do not have treadings on them then there is a high risk of you slipping in the road while cornering the curve. Also, you may have top notch brakes in your bike but of the tires are not in good condition then the bike may start slipping once you hit the brakes and again you would be prone to a road accident. Thus before going out for a ride make sure to check the condition of your wheels and tires. 

Start by checking the manufacturing date of your motorcycle tires. Most of the tire manufacturers have a five year warranty period. There is however a twist to this tale. The manufacturer sets the warranty date from the date of manufacturing. So you need to factor in the date of manufacturing and the date of your purchase of the tire and then change the tire accordingly. The major problem with the tires is cracking and hardening due to oxidation. 

Street bikes are fun and enjoyable if you take all the preventive measures and follow the rules properly. This fun is not limited to adults only as there are street bikes for kids too. With the season end clearance sale there are many websites offering a sale on street bikes. So if you want a street bike this is the best time to get yourself one.

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