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Safety Measures You Should Take While Riding A Pocket Bike

A pocket bike can prove to be such a wonderful gift for your teenager. Every teen wants to get their hands on it, regardless of their gender. That’s how cool pocket bikes are. Not just kids but one can see increasing popularity of pocket bikes among adults as well. People are forming race clubs and various activities around it due to its unbeatable safety standards and structure. However, before driving any motor vehicle, it is vital that one takes all the safety measures in consideration and then goes ahead with experiencing its performance. Same goes for pocket bikes. We have curated a list of safety measures so that you have an unmatchable experience while riding your 40cc dirt bike. Have a look.

Always Wear Protective Gear

Wearing protective gear should be given utmost importance before riding a pocket bike. Not just wearing it but it is also essential that you buy them from certified vendors so that the gear is durable and fits you perfectly. The equipment should not obstruct your vision or hearing abilities. Always wear an accredited helmet to protect yourself from life-threatening injuries and mishaps. We at Belmonte Bikes offer helmet packages along with our pocket bikes for full protection. Also, try wearing bright colored clothes so that you are visible from afar and can avoid mishappenings.


Ride In Open Spaces

Always drive pocket bikes in an open space that is free of obstruction along the way. The true essence of riding a pocket bike is in an open area where you can test its abilities and let your inner racer come out. In Fact, all the pocket bikes clubs perform in open fields so that they can avoid accidents and have fun at the same time. Do not commit the mistake of underestimating your pocket bike because a 40cc pocket bike can be quite fast and do some serious injuries if not handled safely.


Make Sure The Bike Is Age Appropriate For You

Always follow the age recommendation mentioned in the instruction booklet of your 40cc pocket bike. One should never let their kids ride a bike that’s not age appropriate for them. Usually, kids from the age of 13 to 16 can ride a pocket bike. However, only do so if you think your kid is fit to ride the bike and can handle the adrenaline rush. Various states have different rules and regulations regarding pocket bikes, and you should also check that so that you know your kids can safely ride a pocket bike. It is something that can save from the legal hassles.


Don’t Go For Off-Roading On Your Pocket Bike

Pocket bikes are definitely not built for off-roading. It can prove to be a terrible decision to ride pocket bikes on gravel, mud or sandy area. A pocket bike is not designed that way so avoid off-roading and instead go for hard leveled surface or smooth pavements. That’s where you will be able to test your pocket bike for its power and built. Also, one should avoid riding a pocket bike in poor weather. It can affect its functionality and reduce the life of your pocket bike.


Maintain Your Pocket Bike Properly

The performance of your pocket bike depends on how you maintain it. Make sure you service it regularly and thoroughly clean its parts for proper functionality. Before riding a pocket bike, you should do a complete check up on your bike and look for any missing bolt or cracked parts. Never forget to check if the brakes are functioning properly. It is a habit that will pick on and increase the life of your bike.


Don’t Ride On Streets, Highways Or Crowded Spaces

Never ride a pocket bike on streets, highways or any crowded area. One should ride pocket bikes only in open areas. Riding a 40cc dirt bike in a crowded space can turn out to be quite dangerous for the driver. Large vehicles often find it challenging to see pocket bikes which leads to severe accident cases. Not just that but avoid riding your pocket bike at night. Due to the decreased visibility, it can put you on a much higher risk.

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