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Read This Before Buying A Pocket Bike

Pocket bikes have evolved over the year to become safer and more popular. We have different types of minibikes today - dirt bikes, super pocket bike, etc. These bikes have become popular among people from all age groups - parents are buying these mini bikes for their kids, teens are buying for entertainment, racers are buying them for professional racing events, and such others.

No one predicted that the manufacturing of the small and compact Doodle Bug Scooter will grow into something as popular as pocket bikes! Today we have a wide variety of pocket bikes and super pocket bikes available both online and offline. This brings to how to choose the right pocket bikes for yourself or your kid.

The variety of pocket bikes might overwhelm you. We have prepared a list of things you can consider to choose the right pocket. Here is the list.


  • Your Build - Height and Weight

Every pocket bike has a weight and height limit mentioned in its specifications. Before purchasing a pocket bike, make sure to check for the same. For instance, a 4-stroke and the 40cc pocket bike has a weight capacity of 290lbs!

This applies to every pocket bikes - be it a racing bike, a moped scooter or a pocket bike. Make sure you buy a pocket bike that suits your build.


  • Gas or Electric

This is one of the most important and primary decisions you have to make when buying a pocket bike. Which one to choose - Gas or Electric bikes?

For starters, gas bikes are comparatively faster than electric bikes. Electric pocket bikes are less louder and require lesser maintenance. As such, if you are buying a pocket bike to introduce riding to your kid, it is advised that you go with the electric bikes. On the other hand, if you are an experienced rider, you can try your hands on faster and more stylish super pocket bikes.


  • Engine Strength

Make sure you put some thoughts into the engine strength of a bike you are planning to choose. There are many pocket bikes with different engines. For instance, there is a subtle 40cc pocket bike, 125c superbikes, and there are electric pocket bikes such as 350 electric moped scooters.

Belmonte Bikes has one of the largest inventory of pocket bikes. Find 49cc pocket bikes for sale today!


  • Headlights, Speedometer, etc.

There are different regulations related to pocket bikes in every other state. As such, make sure that you ask your local DMV about what areas can you operate your pocket bikes.

There are reasons why pocket bikes are not street legal in all the states. There are no manufacturing guidelines and quality checks done to ensure the standard of these bikes. As such, many manufacturers don’t provide basic accessories such as speedometer, horn, headlights, etc. in a bike. As such, merely putting such bike on a public road can cost you a hefty amount in fine for violating traffic rules.

Make sure you choose a reputed provider for your pocket bike and ensure that it has all the accessories like headlights, horns, etc.


  • Design

When it comes to choosing a pocket bike, its design definitely has a major role to play. Make sure you browse through all the available designs in our inventory before settling for “the one”.

Pocket bikes are scaled down versions of normal sized bikes and you can easily find pocket bikes with designs of famous Ducati bikes and such other. You can also find your favorite bikes clone and get it for a decent price today itself!

There are many such things you can look for in a pocket bike to make sure that you choose the right one. Don’t forget to check with the local DMV about the legality of your pocket bike. Belmonte Bikes has years of experience in the industry and has a long list of satisfied customers. Curious to know more? Call at 1-855-912-5552 or fill this form to contact us now!

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  • I’m 295 and 6 foot. I want a pocket bike to throw in my truck, when I stop for the day.

    Clifton Bennett
  • i recently purchased for the first time, my question is simple: does the carrying capacity include and be effected by the net and or gross weight? In other words, is the carrying capacity listed the final weight that could safely be added to the bike

    Ralph Barber

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