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Pocket Bikes: The Perfect Gift For Your Young Loved Ones

While growing up, kids are generally provided with video games, cartoons or maybe toys. The idea of adventure has changed over the years and children are more interested in the thrill of bike riding. Even parents, now, are more inclined towards introducing bike riding to their kids and prepare them before their legal driving age. It’s 2018 and Pocket Bikes are trending for the past many years, now.

 What are Pocket Bikes? Pocket Bikes are a scaled-down version of their original counterparts. For example, the small-wheeled and cheap Ninja Super Pocket Bike against the original Kawasaki Ninja.

Pocket Bikes - An Origin Story

The origin story of Pocket Bikes is quite different than what anyone might imagine. The concept of Pocket bike originated from small-wheeled and compact Doodle Bug Scooter built by a company called Beam Manufacturing company during the period of 1946-48.

The Doodle Bug Scooter was followed by go-karts in 1950, developed by passionate riders from spare parts from their garage. These small incidents rose interest in riding in kids and eventually, a ripe market was already ready for Pocket Bikes even before the beginning of their official manufacturing of Pocket Bikes in the 1960s.

Since the beginning, Pocket Bikes have been constantly in various discussions and a major part of the hype about Pocket Bikes is a result of this. Pocket Bikes now are not only used by kids but also are used by adults. In fact, many reputed bike riders such as Valentino Rossi discovered their passion for bike riding with Pocket Bikes.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should Buy Pocket Bikes For Your Kids

  • Safer Than They Sound
  • Due to the lack of regulations, various manufacturers don’t follow even the basic safety measures in a bike to increase their profit margin. This results in higher traffic accidents involving Pocket Bikes and thus a series of questions are raised by concerned parents/riders. There are many responsible and therefore, reputed manufacturers who follow different safety guidelines while manufacturing their Pocket Bikes. These manufacturers also conduct safety tests before bringing their products to the market. So, if a right manufacturer is chosen and driving guidelines are strictly followed, Pocket Bikes are perfectly safe for your kids.

  • They Are Really Cheap
  • Pocket Bikes are extremely cheap as compared to their original counterparts. For example, the brand new Kawasaki ninja is listed at $28,599 whereas the 50cc Super Ninja Pocket Bike is available at just $1,499.99! Buy Ninja Motorcycle online, now!  As already mentioned, Pocket Bikes are a scaled-down version and this is one of the factors that increase the thrill of riding them. Imagine moving at a speed of 40 mph on a seat-height of 76 cm! This adrenaline rush is driving crowd towards Pocket Bikes.  


  • The Variety Factor
  • There are a number of options available in Pocket Bikes - Go-Karts, Mini-Choppers, Moped Scooters, and many others. You can choose from this variety of Pocket Bikes depending on the speed and the age of its rider. Be it the safer 50cc Super Ninja Pocket Bike or the rocket-fast 2018 Retro 250cc Chopper; be it gas fueled or an electric powered engine, Pocket Bikes have a lot of options to choose from!

    Belmonte Bikes are a reputed manufacturer of all kinds of Pocket Bikes with many satisfied customers and are known for manufacturing street-legal Pocket Bikes. Call us at 1-855-912-5552 or fill in this form to contact us right now. Buy Ninja Motorcycle Online today!

    Why is the 50cc Super Ninja Pocket Bike Street Legal DF50SST your best choice?

    The very popular 50cc Super Ninja Pocket Bike is a safe choice for your kids. Here are it's key specifications.

  • It is C.A.R.B. approved street-legal Pocket Bike with a 4 stroke 49.6cc engine.
  • It is an electric-starter and can reach a maximum speed of 40 mph!
  • It has a fuel capacity of 5L and has a seat height of 76 cm.
  • It has an air-cooled engine and with disc brakes.

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