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Perks of Owning a Pocket Bike

It’s weird, it’s fun, and it’s exhilarating. That’s what pocket bikes are for you. They look exactly like superbikes but only smaller. It gives you a feel of riding a superbike, it’s just a lot safer and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. It’s trending, and more and more people want to try their hands on it and own it. Still, there are a few people who are a bit confused about whether they should buy a pocket bike or not? Whether it’s as safe as it sounds or not? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Allow us to tell you about all the perks of owning a pocket bike after which you won’t be able to resist buying one.


Its size is its most famous feature; the 125cc super pocket bike is of a size that is beneficial for every age group that can ride. It can be easily driven through cramped spaces and doesn’t take up much space in your garage. It’s much safer as compared to other bikes due to its compact size.

Easy handling

Pocket bikes are quite easy to ride. Most teenagers are comfortable riding it as it can be easily maneuvered. It isn’t as fussy as bikes usually are, one can learn to ride it very quickly. Teens typically ride it in backyards and sidewalks taking advantage of its mini size.

Teen can ride

A 125cc super pocket bike is a bike of its own kind. It could be an exciting gift for a teenager. It is safe, it is compact, and it can be easily handled. Not only that, riding this bike will give your teen kid a sense of traffic rules, knowledge on how to ride a bike on the road and complete awareness of safety.

You can be less worried about their safety

A 125cc super pocket bike is so safe that you’ll want to buy it for your teen kids yourself. It is, however, important to wear all the safety gears before riding the bike. It’ll give you a glimpse of how your son/daughter will be able to ride the bike on roads if they ever want to in future. It can go up to a speed of 30 miles per hour which is as safe as it can get. You can easily let them ride it without worrying too much about their protection.

Pocket bike racing- fun for adults



Not only for kids, but pocket bike racing is also a fun sport for adults as well. It’s hysterical, it’s sporty, and it’s safe. It was quite interesting to note that adults usually take more delight in riding the bike while watching kids ride it. Everybody wants to try their hands on it, and once they do, they can’t seem to leave it. It’s so amusing. Pocket bike racing is in a way very relaxing as it gives an outlet for your inhibitions to come out.

As a gift

Looking for a gift to buy for a nephew/niece who is in their teens and quite sporty? A 125cc super pocket bike is your knight in shining armor! It’s such a cool gift that it’ll make you favorite among the family. Safety is a major concern for parents, and no parent would sweat over their kids riding such a secure bike. Pocket bikes came into being when kids expressed their fantasies regarding superbikes during the races. That’s when companies decided to launch pocket bikes keeping teens in mind. You can easily buy great quality pocket bikes from Belmonte Bikes.

Start your own racing league with your friends

Whether a teenager or an adult, you can start your own racing league with 125cc super pocket bike. Something that’s legal and can turn out to be such a cool rejuvenating activity for your whole group is sure to become a hit. You can organize races and rallies regarding safety concerns on the roads. You can have your own little club wherein even kids can join you and help you out with upgradations and modifications of the bike. It can turn out to be a fantastic bonding activity.

Easy on pocket



If you want to buy a superbike and quite confused about whether you’ll be able to ride it and take care of it? A 125cc super pocket bike is your answer! Start steady, start slow. Prepare yourself with this pocket bike, and you can be more aware of your capabilities and have adequate knowledge about bikes. What’s best about it is that it won’t burn holes in your pocket, these bikes are quite affordable and easy on maintenance as compared to superbikes.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own pocket bike from Belmonte Bikes.

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