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Are you a bike enthusiast?

Thinking which new bike to add to your elite collection of the latest and year’s best available bikes?

Belmonte Bikes has got you covered. We present to you a list of must-have bikes in your garage in 2019.



All-terrain Vehicles, or generally referred to as ATVs and quads are one of the most sought after bikes that an adult, as well as a teen, can ride. From smooth roads to the rough mountain path, ATV knows how to tread everywhere and should be your number one choice when thinking of adding in your collection. You can either go for an electric ATV, which is powered by batteries or a gas ATV. Gas powered ATV are generally developed for kids so that their driving techniques can be controlled but are also well suited for adults. You can purchase a 49cc mini quad at best market price at Belmonte



Designed in the class of a mini motorcycle, pocket bikes despite being smaller than the regular bikes are one of the favorites of the adventure seekers, owing to its equal ability to thread over hills and straight paths easily. They are equipped with two, or four-stroke engines, automatic gearboxes, fun to dollar suspensions and have the most lucrative fun to cost ratio among its class and style.



As the name suggests, dirt bikes are best suited for rough terrain. Available in two as well as the four-stroke engine, they are subcategorized into enduro, motor-c, trail bikes, these bikes are a favorite of those seeking an adrenaline rush. Motocross is designed for racing in closed course competition, enduro is used explicitly for off-road rough terrain and street racing, and the trail bikes are structured for a comfortable long ride through rough terrain, albeit not at high speed. Mainly used for scrambling and muddy races, dirt bikes make for a good looking and highly functional sport bike. At Belmonte Bike, you can purchase a 49cc pocket bike engine at a reasonable rate.



These are for the absolute bike fanatics, that like their bike their way. These bikes are made from taking parts of the different bike and designed into a new customized system with a unique set of features. Also called as customized bikes, they are challenging to build from scratch, and their overall look and performance are different from factory motorcycles.



A mainstream motorcycle that is legally allowed to be trodden down the road is called a street legal bike. For a bike to be street legal, it needs to have a license, registration, and it should be insured. It should be timely inspected and must have all the necessary components for a bike to legally function on the road. Not all bikes are street legal but with Belmonte, you can rest assured that you are only purchasing street legal bikes.

If you already own a collection, then you must be aware of what all you need to consider before buying a bike, but if you are starting with your collection, keep the following determinants before purchasing a motorcycle:

  • Make sure that the bike is comfortable for you to sit and ride on;
  • Make sure that it does not contribute to sound and noise pollution;
  • Make sure that it is in your budget, keeping in mind the long term budget and always check the market price before checking in on the store and websites;
  • If you have an interest in traveling, make sure that the bike comes with a saddle bag to pack all your necessary belongings;
  • Thoroughly verify the ergonomics especially the wind protection and your ability to ride long distances without any discomfort comfortably

While it is good to be excited about adding one or two of the bikes mentioned above into your novelty bike collection, what matters is to adhere to the safety rules at all times:

  • Make sure you wear all the safety gears; gloves, helmet, biking boots, biking pants, bike jackets;
  • Make sure always to follow the traffic rules and the state and federal law pertaining to riding the bike in different states;
  • Never ride a motorcycle in an inebriated state;
  • Stay alert at all times and look out for parked vehicles so that you do not hit them;
  • Always stay visible; make sure on lights when driving at night or in an area with lowlights.


Remember ‘SAFETY FIRST’ should always be your motto. No, we are not saying that you completely restrict yourself while going on an adventure, but staying vigilant is certainly your responsibility.

Talking about safety, another way of ensuring that you are riding safe is buying bikes made from excellent quality materials such as those at Belmonte Bikes. From electric ATV to mini quad to the chopper, we at Belmonte Bike are a leading manufacturer and supplier of variegated and high-performance bikes made from premium quality materials, in all possible styles and colors at the best market price.


Add a classic from our collection to yours today and get free shipping on all products across the United States and Canada!


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