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They say you don’t need a therapist if you own a motorcycle, any motorcycle.

There is an unparalleled thrill in riding a motorcycle. Every ride on a bike seems like an adventure. Apart from the ease that comes from driving a motorbike, be it a rush-hour or not, there comes an undeniable sense of coolness and freedom. Putting on a helmet, twisting the throttle and going on long drives gives you a sense of freedom to appreciate and connect with yourself and the outer-world. A motorcycle rider also, unbeknownst to their knowledge, contribute towards a cleaner environment since motorcycles release comparatively fewer pollutants. Electric bikes have become a rage, owing to the use of natural resources as an energy supplier.

There are a variety of bikes manufactured in the market, depending upon the kind of pavement they are going to be ridden on. Take, for instance, a street motorcycle like a cruiser or sports bikes. The nature of tires and engine installed differ by the requirement like some bikes have 125cc engine while some have a 60cc engine, some bikes have smooth tires while some have bikes have tires with a firm grip. They are also off-road bikes, also referred to as dirt bikes, which can tread through the rough surface like gravel, snow or mud.

Another classification, in vogue among kids and adolescents alike, is the miniature motorcycles or mini-bikes:

Minibikes are the scaled down version of a motorbike. Originally made from spare parts found in a garage by racing enthusiasts, in the 1950s. It gained popularity as pit bikes and was very well- received by the youths and kids. So much was it ’s so that even a plan was formulated and published in a popular science magazine as to how to construct it using a lawn mower and a welding torch. Earlier they used to have four strokes, flathead engine. With continuous evolution, the transmission changed, and now minibikes generally make use of the two-stroke engine.

Types of Minibikes:

Also called as minimoto, they are used mainly for kart racing. The engine installed in the pocket bikes can range from 49cc off the road to 250cc street pocket bike. They look like sports bike One must keep the legality status issue in mind while riding the pocket bikes since each state has their rules and regulation concerning the ensuring safety while driving a pocket bike. Pocket bikes are also made in two versions: Electric Pocket bike and Gas Pocket bike.
Electric pocket bikes run on electric power. They are environment-friendly. They produce no smoke, no smell and are remarkably silent.
Gas pocket bikes run on a gasoline engine. Although they require high maintenance, they are much faster and offer more range

The bikes that offer the ease of navigation in pit area around dirt bikes tracks. Not to be confused with dirt bikes, pit bikes are also used in pit racing. They have a four stroke engine which makes the pit bikes stronger and allows for instantaneous acceleration and high speed. They are primarily off-road bikes used for a recreational purpose and have a light and compact structure. They have big handlebars which makes them convenient to be ridden by adolescents. They are inexpensive and well-liked by the youth.

The mini chopper is a downsized version of a traditional chopper. A chopper is a custom built characterized by its steering angles and lengthened forks to give it a stretch-out appearance. The bike has frames without rear suspension and drag-handlebars. Ever since their first manufacturing in the 1950s, they have consistently involved with bringing innovative changes in frame design, variety in rear tires, standing by their custom tag. They are available in two models: Gas mini chopper with the gasoline engine and mini electric chopper driven by electric power.

Although they have similar features as that of pocket bikes, super pocket bikes are smaller than the street bikes but larger than the pocket bikes. They are comfortable with plush seats and adjustable suspension system. Also called as midi motos, they can be customized to offer the facility of strong rear shock and chrome kickstand.

The miniature range of motorcycles are gaining worldwide popularity owing to their low cost, diversity in options, hassle-free transporting and relatively safe riding. Before buying a minibike, always remember to check the legal status. At Belmontebikes, you can select from a variety of street legal pocket bikes, mini chopper, super-pocket bikes and dirt bikes made from high-grade material at free express shipping.

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