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Thinking of gifting a 125cc super pocket bike to your recently turned legal to drive kid this birthday?

While it is nice of you to fulfill your kid’s dream of owning a 125cc super pocket bike, you should be immensely cautious of also purchasing safety gear mandatory while driving a rugged bike like a 125cc super pocket bike.

Riding gears are essential to make sure that in case of an accident, minor or massive, the riders don't get physically harmed. Essential riding gears include biking gloves, helmets, reflective wheel stripes, riding boots.

We know what you might be thinking, “wearing safety gears will ruin my biker look or how will I be able to enjoy the ride with all these accessories on me?”. The answer to it is, “Is your life more important than you trying to look all rugged and cool?”.

No, right?

With the increasing number of performance bikes launching every year, it is the sole responsibility of the rider to take all safety measures to ensure a smooth and safe ride. Of all the safety gears, the helmet is one of the most important riding safety gear, which no rider should ride their bike without. Taking into account that the number of death including that of passerby and rider is escalating year by year, 19 states in The USA has implemented the Universal helmet law which requires riders, both operators and passengers to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle.

Helmets might be decreasing your cool factor, but they also save your head and brain from fatal injuries in the event of an accident. Aside from safeguarding your head from severe injuries, a well-fitted helmet also protects the rider from dust, dirt, and pollution that can blur their vision while riding.

The primary objective behind wearing a helmet is to provide safety and protection to the rider, which is why it is essential that the helmet is made from superior quality material. There is a crucial consideration to take into account when purchasing a biking helmet, such as:


  • It is the riders responsibility to check that the helmet they are thinking of purchasing meets all the safety standards laid down by the designated authority. The helmet thus made would be able to address a wide range of impact energies. Helmet made in the United States should meet the US Consumer Product Safety Commission standard and have a CPSC inside the shell of the helmet.

  • SIZE:
  • Remember that there is no standard governing the size of the helmet. One brand’s medium might be other brands large. Hence it is imperative that you measure the circumference of the head and inner sizing of the helmet. The helmet should be comfortable enough to fit in your head but snuggly enough to remain at one place. While trying on the helmet, it is vital that you are mindful of any pressure point or uneven pressure, which would suggest that helmet is of the wrong size or wrong shape for your head.

  • One of the most crucial aspect to carefully observe is the strap that is used to tighten the inner part of the helmet. One way to check if the retention system is right is by putting two fingers between the chin and the strap. Some helmet manufacturer also offers a secondary helmet retention system to protect the back and lower area of the head.

    When shopping for a helmet, keep an eye on these things:

    1. Check that there are no protruded snag points, excessive vents, small vents.

    2. Always purchase helmet in colors that enhance visibility such as neon or any bright color.

    3. Make sure that it fits your head properly. Not too tight or not too loose.

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