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Introduction to Bentley Power Wheels Top Models

Bentley is a famous British luxury motor car company which involves in the manufacturing of the world's most desirable handcrafted car for the past one hundred years. It was started in 1919 by W. O. Bentley. They are also playing a leading role in the manufacturing of kid’s toy cars named Bentley Power Wheels. 

Power Wheels

First, know something about the power wheels. Power Wheels is a luxury brand of battery-powered toy cars for kids. They are made for the kids of age, ranging from twelve months to seven years old. It can also be made with some realistic features like FM radio, opening and closing doors, hoods, power lock brakes and both forward and reverse motion. Belmonte Bikes are the top sellers of Bentley power wheels that are kid’s favorite.

Let us know the details about these top 3 models of Bentley Power Wheels in an elaborate manner:

Bentley 12V Kids Bentley EXP 12 Ride-On Car w/ Remote Control, Foot Pedal, 2 Speeds, Headlights, AUX

This model is one of the most exciting toy cars made for the kids. It has its own specialized features. Kids with these luxurious Bentley can drive freely on their own with in-car steering while they jam out to their favorite turns. Special remote control is also provided for the parents in case of any possibility of danger. This ensures the safety of the kid and the car. The additional features of this stylish mini luxury car are:

  • Realistic Design
  • Manual and Remote Control,
  • Connect with Music And FM
  • Better Dimension

Bentley Continental GT 12V Electric Power Wheels RC Toy Car GTC – White

This toy car is made with superb detail – from the iconic grille with all of the authentic badges to the LED lights, sounds and all other functionality your kid can dream of. Besides the turn signal and functioning front and rear lights, this model features a Full Function Remote Control for parents whose kids cannot yet reach the foot pedal or otherwise maneuver the car. Your kid can easily handle the car. With an amazing steering wheel and soft pedals, your kid can easily operate the car. Parents can also ensure the safety of the kid and the car with the four-way remote provided with it. It comes complete with a 12V battery system and the latest version includes a Bentley floor mat. The Bentley Continental GTC will totally stun your kid with the amazing features. Don’t forget to buy it from the Belmonte Bikes website at a reasonable price range.

The features of this model include

  • Manual Operation 
  • 2 speeds forward plus reverse 
  • Functional front lights and turn signals 
  • There is an adjustable seat belt for one 
  • Perfect for children 2-4 years of age 
  • Weight capacity of 55 lbs. 
  • Horn, Engine Sounds 
  • Key Start with Vroom, Vroom Start-Up Sounds 
  • Realistic plastic wheels with Traction Strips 
  • Battery Is Pre-Installed 
  • Floor mat now standard on the latest model 

Licensed Bentley Style Ride on Car, With Remote Control, 12v Battery, White

This model is very prominent and is one of the best models among the available options. It is a fine luxury gift for your kids. It incorporates easy to learn controls and has authentic details of the Bentley SUV. The car totally ensures the safety of the kid. It totally provides a luxurious feel to the kid who is driving it. 

Some of its prime features are:

  • Two speeds to accommodate different skill levels. Step on/off the pedal to accelerate and brake. Switch between forward and back with a handy shifter.
  • Luxurious leather seats. 
  • EVA TIRES (eco-friendly rubber-like polymer) gives a smoother ride and faster braking. 
  • Doors on both sides swing open for easy access.
  •  Bright LED lights adorn the front and back, as well as on the dashboard.
  • Built-in MP3 player with AUX input so you can play your own tunes. 
  • Also, simply take over the controls via the wireless remote. Play safely with seat belt attachment for one child up to 66lbs.
  • A powerful 12V battery ensures hours of uninterrupted fun (charger included) — an adjustable seatbelt for one child aged 2-7 and up to 66 lbs.
  • Quick assembly with a straightforward step by step instructions that are clearly laid out. The only tool you need is a screwdriver.

Some Last Words

These are some interesting features and characteristics of Bentley Power wheels. Each model manufactured has a new design and is updated with awesome features. Bentley Power wheels model toy cars are the most noticeable ones for its specific features. Belmonte Bikes ensure the safety of the kids and provide them with amazing and luxurious toys. 

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