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How to maintain your 49cc engine (Pocket Bike and ATV)

ATVs and Pocket Bikes are a significant investment for any sportsmen. But along with sportsmen, these mini rides are the pride of adventure buffs as well. This is why after spending big chunks of change on these mini rides; you always wish them to last long without any degradation of performance. Everyone indeed washes their pocket bikes and ATVs regularly, but in addition to this, you also have to take care of the other parts of these mini rides. And when it comes to vital parts of a ride, then the engine tops the list.

The engine of your pocket bike and ATV acts as its lifeline. What if the engine shuts down? Then, not even a single part of your mini-ride will be able to function properly. This is why bikers call engine as the heart of their vehicle. With the advancement of time and lack of maintenance, your engine can wear down easily and replacing a complete engine is almost like buying a new pocket bike or ATV. 

Following are the best maintenance tips for your 49cc engine that acts as a lifeline of your pocket bike and ATV.

Always follow the break-in procedure

If you will just wake up from bed in the morning and start lifting weights, then you will suffer severe injuries. The same thing happens to the engine of your pocket bike and ATV when you take it from the store and start using fanatically. Just like our body, the engine of pocket bike and ATVs need time to heat up and get used to regular driving because they have been in the state of rest for a very long time. 

This is why it becomes essential to follow the regular break-in procedure. By following this procedure, you will give fluids and oils time to flow seamlessly through your engine and other parts of the mini-ride so that they can do what they are supposed to do.

Keep tabs on oil

If the engine is the lifeline of pocket bikes and ATVs, then the oil acts as its bloodline. This is why it becomes paramount to keep tabs on the oil and keep replacing it whenever it gets old. In addition to this, you should always check and replace the oil of a brand new ATV since you don’t know how long it has been there.

For people who don’t know how to check the oil on pocket bikes and ATVs, it is much easier than your standard-sized bike and car. You should also follow the manufacturer’s manual for oil weight and type. You should know that the small 49cc engine of your pocket bike and ATV is more sensitive to oil weight and that’s why it becomes essential for you to use the manufacturer’s manual to use the right oil weight.

Clean your air filter regularly

For understanding this tip, we will have to introduce a little bit of mechanics in this section. The engine requires three things to run correctly, spark, air, and gas. The gas enters the fuel system from the tank through a carburetor. In the carburetor, the gas mixes with the air and becomes an air-fuel mixture before entering the cylinders. After entering the cylinder, a spark ignites the air-fuel mixture and it depresses the piston.

To make all this happen, you will need clean air. To make sure that your cylinders get a supply of clean and fresh air, you will have to keep cleaning your air filter regularly. The modern-day air filters are specially designed to keep them away from water and dust. But still, you will need to keep checking whether the air filter is clean or blocked regularly.

Make sure all the bolts are at the right place

Another important thing that you should do to enhance the durability of the 49cc engine of your pocket bike and ATV is to check the bolts after very 7–8 rides. Modern pocket bikes and ATVs indeed come with tight lock nuts, but because of the vibration of the engine, the bolts start to loosen up and that’s why it becomes important for you to keep checking the bolts. In addition to keeping your engine at the right place, regular bolt checking will also ensure a safe ride.

If you are not able to maintain the engine of your pocket bike and ATV, then the durability of your mini ride and its performance will be hampered. Follow the tips mentioned in this blog post to take care of the 49cc engine and allow your mini ride to last longer.

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