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How to maintain an electric scooter or bike?

Riding a two-wheeler is an exciting and fun experience, especially when you know no money is being spent on the excessive cost of petrol. Yes, we are talking about electric scooter bike for adults and teens. Apart from enjoying the riding experience, it is equally important to maintain the vehicle so that it runs well for a long period of time.

Today, we are going to discuss some effective and easy tips as to how we can maintain an electric scooter or bike. 

But, first, let us understand the importance of maintaining the e-scooter or bike.

How is maintaining a bike useful?

Here are some of the benefits that a rider can avail with regular maintenance of their electronic bike or scooter.

  1. Increases the efficiency of your scooter.
  2. Makes your scooter more reliable.
  3. Reduces chances for damage, eliminating repairing costs.
  4. Makes the riding experience smoother.
  5. Adds superior safety to your ride.

Apart from the above-mentioned uses, the major advantage of maintaining an electric scooter bike for adults is that it can be easily done at home, all by yourself.

Effective tips to maintain your electric scooter

We have shared a few tips for the maintenance of an electric scooter or bike that will help you understand how you can easily handle your e-scooter/ bike from the scratch.

1. Keep the batteries in-check

Batteries are the most essential part of any electric vehicle as it provides the required energy to the electronic vehicle. Riding on bumpy and uneven roads requires a heavy load of battery consumption as compared to a smooth and well-constructed road.

To keep the batteries up-to-date, it is crucial to only use manufacturer-approved chargers that are original and provide a warranty. Do keep a check on the manual that is provided with the box of your e-scooter or bike as it helps to understand the required battery water level to keep the vehicle charged enough.

2. Check the temperature

The excessive heat or cold temperature of the electronic scooter or bike causes the vehicle to perform in an irregular manner. It is advised to use lithium batteries as they help in controlling the temperature in different circumstances.

The temperature for the lithium battery is expected to be 80 degrees; if you want to experience a long-lasting and good environment for your vehicle, you should opt for lithium batteries. Apart from this, it is also advised to keep your scooter away from heat to maintain the temperature of the vehicle.

3. Cleaning the scooter/bike

Just like it is important to clean every object for it to stay in a good condition, it is necessary to clean your electric scooter or bike on a regular basis. Once you begin cleaning it, make sure that the engine, battery, and motor are covered properly.

Now, taking a soft cloth, clean the dust particles on the body of the vehicle. Next, use a damp cloth or dip the soft cloth into soapy water to rub off any stains that are visible. It is also advised to sanitize the seat and the lights well and keep them covered to prevent dirt.

4. Lubricate the chains

Regularly lubricating the chains minimizes the friction and enables the rider to experience smooth movements on the road. For this process, the rider is suggested to apply the lubricant on the chains of the electric scooter or bike at least once a week.

Before applying the lube, clean the chain well with a soft cloth and once the procedure is done— check the nuts and bolts to ensure that they are tightened before you hop on your scooter to ride it.

5. Replace the brake pads

In the case of electric scooter bike for adults, it is essential to make sure that calipers or disk brakes are installed in the vehicle. This allows the rider to stop the scooter or bike whenever required, without any hesitation. However, these brakes require regular tuning and maintenance.

For regular maintenance, the rider needs to replace the brake pads to ensure safety while riding as the pads become quite useless after an extended period of time. Apart from the brakes, it is also important to check the rims and the disk and make sure that they are fixed to the exact point of attachment. Here again, you must apply lubricant to the point, which is known as a brake pivot point. This should be done once a week.

Apart from these above-mentioned points, also make sure to apply grease on the ball bearings of your scooter or bike for a smooth performance. 


Maintaining an electric scooter or bike becomes easier with the help of the upgrades provided by the manufacturer at the time of the purchase. If you are planning to purchase an electric scooter bike for adults, we at Belmonte Bikes are here to help you pick the best one. 

With various options and affordable choices, we provide riders to ride high-end bikes and scooters for a smooth experience on the road for daily commuting or a great adventure.

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