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How To Keep Your Kids Safe While They Ride Their Favorite Dirt Bike?

If someone would have recommended you to give a dirt bike to your child a couple of decades ago then it would have sounded like one of the oddest gifts. But with time, everything changes, and the same goes for dirt bikes and kids. With mini bikes and mini choppers advancing their market to the kid segment, how can dirt bikes be left alone. Now, manufacturers have realized the real potential of the kid’s segment and this is why they have started coming up with a completely separate dirt bike category dedicated to kids.

These modern dirt bikes for kids are specially designed by keeping the skill set and age of children in mind and this is why they can be enjoyed by even a 9 year old child. But since these dirt bikes for kids look like a toy, you should never be careless with your kid riding the dirt bike. Thankfully, instead of snatching away the dirt bike from your kid, you can use different types of safety measures in order to ensure the safety of your child and this is what we are going to discuss in this blog post.

Choosing the right dirt bike

If you really want to keep your child safe while he rides his dirt bike then the first thing that you will need to do is to choose the right type of dirt bike. There are many different types of dirt bikes for 10 year olds available in the market and you can’t go on picking any one of them for your kid.

Keep the age and driving skill of your child in mind while choosing the right dirt bike for your kid. If there will be any mismatch between the size of the dirt bike and the age of your kid, then it will become very difficult for your kid to control it and you will expose your kid to different types of risks.

You should know that all the dirt bikes for 10 year olds come with age and weight recommendations and you will need to check both these recommendations before making a final decision on a dirt bike.

Slower speed and quick acceleration

Another important thing that you will need to teach your child for ensuring safety is the speed of dirt bikes will be much less than that of a normal pocket bike. The traction at hand while riding the dirt bike on dirt or muddy tracks are much less in comparison to tar. And this is the main reason the speed that is carried on the dirt is very less. If your kid is used to driving on plain roads then you should make them aware of the fact that they should never try to match the speed on the plain road with that on dirt tracks.

Anyone using real dirt bikes on a dirt track or muddy track will need to accelerate hard in short bursts and its frequency will be much more than that of a plain road. And since dirt tracks have more inconsistency than plain roads, they require your kid to be extra cautious with speed and acceleration.

Use of gear

Never let your kid ride real dirt bikes without wearing proper gear. Falling from a dirt bike while riding on tracks full of obstacles is a normal thing and you should never panic about it but you should not also be careless about it as well. Along with the dirt bike that you will be buying for your kid, you will also need to buy proper gear. Riding a dirt bike on tracks without a proper gear will be like stepping into space without the spacesuit.

Even adults don’t have a stomach for riding their dirt bike on racing tracks without proper gear and this is why you should never let your child make the same horrendous mistake. A proper dirt bike gear will consist of a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, boots, gloves, goggles, shirt, and pants. If you are not able to find the whole kit then you will need to buy them separately.

Don’t use the roads

If you are planning to let your kid ride the pocket bike on normal roads then you are going to make one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Dirt bikes are not meant to ride on roads. The features and parts of the dirt bikes are meant for racing tracks and this is why you should search for a nearby track and you should take your kid along with his dirt bike to those tracks. Even on these specialized tracks, you should let your kid ride the dirt bike under proper guidance.

Dirt bikes for kids can turn out to be the best option but only if you will follow the above mentioned tips for keeping your kid safe. Choose the right dirt bike and let your kid enjoy the thrill and speed offered by modern day dirt bikes for 10 year olds.

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