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How to clean and maintain your pocket bike

The pocket bikes are the bikes which are referred as the mini bikes or mini motor. Basically, it is a miniature form of a bike which has two strokes engines as well as a chain drive. In the year 1950s, these bikes were mainly known as the pit bikes which usually drag racers used to ride to travel the rock bottom or pills.

These pocket bikes are same as your regular bikes in terms of designs, appearance and other basic features but still they somewhat differ from the regular bikes. The difference is in its weight, size, engine, and motor. This bike offers the ideal performance output in the racing for the passionate racers. The pockets bikes are cheaper as compared to the super bikes but cannot surpass in terms of super speed performance which makes it ideal for the street racing enthusiasts. These 4 strokes pocket bikes are the first choice of the bike racers.

4 strokes pocket bikes

Reasons for maintaining the pocket bike:

There are various reasons for maintaining your pocket bike. They are:

  1. Safety
  2. Efficiency
  3. Durability
  4. Cleanliness

Steps for cleaning and maintaining your pocket bike:

For keeping your bike in a good working condition, it is vital to follow a few important steps which will help you in keeping your bike cleaned:

Oil and Fuel Mixture: It is easy to maintain the pocket bikes. for keeping the engine of the bike lubricated just fill the high-quality oil once in a month. Also, you can fill it with the mixture of fuel and oil but just remember that the mixture contains one part oil and 25 parts fuel.

Air Filter: For maintenance, the air filter needs to be changed before you change the oil. The air needs to be filtered so as to keep the engine cool. It is located in front of the motor thus, you can easily access by removing protective cover.

Spark Plug: It is vital to change the oil each time by pulling the spark plug. Remember that this is the crucial part of the bike which ignites the fuel so it needs to be clean and remain in golden brown color.

Carburetor: This part is difficult to be maintained and require experienced professionals. So just look out for any dirt or excess grease in it and clean.

Throttle: No matter whether your throttle is twist or hand type, it is connected to the engine through the cable. So just make sure that the whole cable is cleaned.

Brakes: The brakes of the bikes are the most important part of the safety as well as maintenance. So, always ensure that the brake pads are not down metal. Its maintenance includes checking for a clean and undamaged cable and replacing or adjusting as necessary.

Maintain your pocket bike regularly:

The high demand in the motorbikes has led to the creation of the mini bikes. The mini bikes mean transportation to some individuals and an adventure for the others, So, make sure of your fun ride by performing the routine maintenance on your pocket bike for a safer experience.

Cleaning and maintenance of the pocket is necessary for doing the smooth driving. It is a great way to ensure that your bike remains in the same condition as when you bought it.  Cleaning and maintaining the biks can give you a proper driving and it ensures that you did not met through any kind of the accident.

It is highly recommended that before going for a ride from your bike just ensure and take a look at all the equipment as well as tools of the bike. It seems like a hassle but keeping the bike clean is mandatory to keep yourself safe from all the things.

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