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How Much Does A Minibike Cost?

Minibikes or what is more popularly known as pocket bikes are one of the most unique bikes available in the market. These bikes are basically a miniature form of the standard sized motorcycles but you shouldn’t make the mistake of considering them as a toy because they can be very powerful. Well, gone are those days when mini bikes were used in racing events only as in the modern era, not only adults but even kids have become one of the greatest admirers of mini bikes. This is why the market for mini bikes is growing at a very fast pace.

If you are looking for a unique riding experience without compromising on speed and power then a 110cc mini bike will be one of the best options for you. When you begin your hunt for the best 110cc mini bike out there in the market then you will realize that there are many options out there and so many options might make it tricky for you to choose the right bike. Well, there are surely many factors that you will need to consider while buying such a bike but the most important one will be the price.

The average price of mini bikes

There are many variants of minibikes available in the market and the price of the minibike that you will buy will depend on many things. From the type of engine to the cubic capacity, every specification of the pocket bike you will buy will play a role in its overall price. But in order to give you an overview, the average price of a minibike will range anything from $1500 to $3500. Yes, you will not need to burn a hole in your pocket while buying a minibike since you can get a good quality mini-bike in this price range.

Some of the best minibikes available in the market

2020 Lifan Lifan KP-Mini 150cc Motorcycle- LF150

This mini-bike comes equipped with one of the most robust engines in its class and that’s why you will not be disappointed if it comes down to the power offered by this mini giant. With its sporty look and sleek design, you will always be able to stay unique on the tracks. You will get 30% more horsepower and 17% more torque with this mini bike in comparison to all the rides in the same class.

With a 150cc air-cooled 5-speed manual clutch transmission, you can attain high speed within a blink of an eye and still stay safe with upgraded disc brakes.

Price- $2149.99

Colors- Black, Yellow, White, Blue

2020 Icebear champion monkey bike 125cc-PBZ125–2

If you are looking forward to a ride that will give you the power of a motorcycle and the comfort of a moped scooter then this monkey bike will fit in like a glove in your needs. This bike is basically a replica clone of CT70 and it has been mastered to look 100% similar to its original bike.

This fun ride comes equipped with a 4-speed semi-automatic transmission that will make it easier for you to master the art of manual gear shift. In addition to this, the front and rear disc brake will make de-accelerating a pie for even the new riders.

Price- $1399.99

Colors- Blue, Red, Black, Green

2020 SRT 50CC Super pocket bike- DF50SRT

If you are passionate about super pocket bikes then look no further as the 2020 SRT 50cc super pocket bike is here to fulfill all your pocket bike desires. With a 59cc GY6 engine makes riding the pocket bike not only easy but comfortable as well.

This advanced pocket bike is perfect for long rides and the displacing 49.6cc means that this pocket bike is completely street legal. So, you can say that this will be a perfect DIY mini bike for each and every type of minibike fanatic.

Price- $1599.99

Colors- White, Red, Black

X15 super pocket bike

If you are low on budget and still don’t want to compromise on the speed, safety, and performance of the pocket bike you are buying then the X15 super pocket bike is one of the best choices for you. This new super pocket bike is identical to Ducati 959 but in a miniature form. It is perfect for kids between the ages of 8–14.

It might have a maximum speed limit of 40mph but since it comes equipped with a speed governor, you won’t have to worry about the safety features.

Price- $999.99

Colors- Yellow, Red, Black

Choosing the right pocket bike is as important as choosing the right pocket bike seller. By making a budget and by choosing a reputed pocket bike seller like Belmonte Bikes, you will be able to make your DIY mini bike purchase a great deal

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