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Let’s dig into the history of transmissions

There might be an infinite number of options for vehicles, but when it comes to a perfect combination of style, uniqueness, speed, and swiftness, nothing can beat motorcycles. In the year 1885, the first motorcycle was built, and since then, the market has been inundated with different types, shapes, and features of motorcycles. And with motorcycles becoming the most stylish vehicle, the fan base of motorcycles kept on increasing. 

If you are a motorcycle fiend, you must always be eager to learn more about your precious motorcycle. Well, most people trying to explore the world of bikes cover the overhyped parts and overlook transmission. 

Transmission is one of the most critical parts of a motorcycle. By digging the transmission roots in a motorcycle, you can understand how every part of the motorcycle has evolved to take the shape of perfection finally. 

So, in this blog post, we will get a glimpse of the journey of transmission right from the beginning. 

The beginning in 1911

It was the year 1911 when Isle of Man TT races decided to stimulate all the motorcyclists to adopt all the amenities that had become standard by that time. These amenities were; free engine clutch that made it almost useless to start the engine after every stop and two or more ratios in the gearbox. This allows the racer to have one ratio for hill climbing and starting and a higher ratio for enjoying the speed on open roads. 

It was an Indian that swept that event with clutch-equipped bikes with two-speed gearboxes. Seeing this, other means of varying the drive, like variable diameter belts and pulley systems, were also used, but gear drives became the most preferred choice, mainly because of the durability of steel gears. This might have set the roots for the many modern bikes like gas mini pocket bikes

The shift in the mid-1960s

Another revolution came in the world of bike transmissions when the one-note-samba of racing two-stroke power came into the market. But in this case, the engines were so much dependent upon the exhaust resonance, and you will be surprised to know that by 1960, almost 500 speed was necessary for staying within the 500 rpm powerband. And with the end of the classic Japanese era in GP racing, FIM finally decided to confine the gearbox limit to 6, and the same norm is still used in all the bikes, including gas mini pocket bikes.

This might make you chuckle as automatic transmissions in cars are now given 8 or 10 speeds only to keep the engines on their island of minimum fuel consumption. These transmissions shifted gear by passing out one gear through a neutral and then moving on to the next gear. 

The growing trend

Many small autos are built with a wide variety of CVT or continuously variable transmission. This type of transmission is perfect for those people who don’t have fine manual shift skills, but at the same time, these transmissions are currently being criticized for engine sound that is mainly referred to as a sickly moan. 

There is currently an endless number of perceptions when it comes to how an accelerating vehicle should sound. We have indeed become quite mature when using advanced transmission in motorcycles, but there is still a long way to go. In the future, we might see some new inventions popping up in the market, and it might again revolutionize the world of transmission. 

The current market status 

Currently, the world is divided into two groups of bikers, one who loves manual transmission and others who will always choose automatic transmission. Both automatic and manual transmission have their advantages and disadvantages; therefore, there is nothing like the best type of transmission out there in the market. 

On one hand, the automatic transmission is perfect for moving swiftly in traffic, especially if you don’t have the necessary gear shifting skill. But for many people, automatic transmission is the way to feel the bike and the ride, like gas pocket bikes. For many bikers, motorbikes are incomplete without a manual transmission, but such people have years of experience, and they have mastered the art of manual transmission. 

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