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Grom Pocket Bike: Features & Specifications

As all of us know that all bike lovers want to own bikes that are affordable, comfortable, and, most of all, stylish. While some people want to buy huge bikes, some love smaller ones too, like the grom pocket bike. Not familiar? Do not worry; let us guide you through this piece of amazing technology that is being loved by all, whether it is kids or adults.

Just keep reading further to know what is a pocket bike along with understanding its features and specifications.

What is a grom pocket bike?

Grom Pocket bikes are mini bikes that are lighter than regular bikes and come with a whole lot of features that make them an even better investment. There are two kinds of pocket bikes— a gas pocket bike and an electric pocket bike. The gas pocket bikes are powerful and durable, while the electric pocket bikes are best for people who enjoy limited speed. Let us now discuss the specifications and features of the grom pocket bike:


  1. Seat height- 762mm (30 inches)
  2. Wheelbase- 1100mm
  3. Ignition- Electronic and gas
  4. Engine- 125 cc single-cylinder engine that gives 10bhp and 11 Nm of peak torque
  5. Colour- available in red, blue, and green.


  1. Super Comfortable

Since the height of grom pocket bikes is never more than 30 inches, you can land your foot flat on the ground when you stop. Grom pocket bikes are comfortable enough for long rides on the road.

  1. Single disc brakes

The disc brakes of the grom pocket bike are hydraulic disc brakes, due to which the bike has excellent stopping power. Hence, the chances of accidents are relatively low.

  1. Headlights

The grom pocket bike has LED headlights, which makes seeing objects while riding at night super clear.

  1. 125 CC Engine

The 125cc engine gives the Grom pocket bikes long-lasting power so that kids can enjoy themselves all day long.

  1. Wheel size

The wheel size is relatively smaller and made of eco-friendly rubber polymer tires, making it safe for kids. The wheels will give your kids an authentic riding experience while keeping them safe from falling injuries.

  1. Lightweight

Even though the pocket bikes mechanism is the same as other bigger bikes, they are way lighter than them. So due to them being light, two people can easily carry them from one place to another by putting them inside other vehicles.

  1. Safe

All grom pocket bikes can go up to 70mph of speed, minimizing the risks of riding them. This is why most beginners prefer pocket bikes as they are safe and stylish and give them ample time to learn the mechanism behind motorcycles. 

Is Grom Pocket Bike ideal for you?

Grom Pocket Bikes can be majorly targeted at older people as it is small in size. However, many people use it as a bike, which helps them with their daily chores; thus, its reach has now spread globally. While many thought of it as a toy bike for teens and kids, it is now widely seen on roads in many countries. 

Even enthusiastic motorbike riders are more than happy to ride the bike for adventure rides and offroading. If you are looking for a bike with smaller dimensions, then a grom pocket bike is perfect for you and will be an excellent investment. Whether it is shopping for utilities or going on an adventure — the bike is an all-rounder. If you have children and senior citizens at your home, this has to be your best pick.


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