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Give A Look To The Amazing Features Of Our 150cc ZXR-9 Super Pocket Bike Motorcycle

There are enormous styles and features when it comes to bikes. And one of the trendiest bikes is our 150cc ZXR-9 Super Pocket Bike Motorcycle. Our Kawasaki Ninja style street bike comes with a super stylish look and is fully-featured. Belmonte Bikes provide our customers a wide range of ninja bikes ranging from different designs, colors, cc, and features. We not only provide a variety of ninja bikes but also offer free shipping on all items.  Besides it’s appealing design, the motorcycle is gone through all the safety test to ensure you are buying a safe product. Also, it can be a most amazing gift item if you want to gift your loved ones.

Amazing design and the appealing color range is absolutely need to give a vehicle an enchanting look, but what matters is to have an enormous feature to accommodate almost every situation while riding the bike on the road. If you want to have a bike with lot more features than our Ninja bikes can be your best choice. However, here are some of the benefits you will enjoy buying our brand new ninja bike:

  • Sporty look
  • We have a range of ninja bikes that looks sporty that can be a perfect thing to enhance your personality. Designed with considering every detail and yet keeping it compact and light is what makes you grab it early. Also, the different colors are neutral and can be loved by most of the bike lovers.

  • Street legal
  • Our range of ninjas has got the feature of being a street legal bike as these are licensed for use on public roads. This simply means our ninja bikes have got all the required features to pass the legalities and have specified lighting, signal, and safety equipment. So, you do not have to worry about safety measurements when buying our super pocket ninja bikes.

  • Chrome Kickstand

  • Chrome kickstand in ninja bikes is designed to hold the weight of the motorcycle strongly. Plus, it is made from sturdy materials that are responsible for its long-lasting and sustainable life. So, you do not have to worry about the support system of your bike when it is not in use. The chrome kickstand in our ninja bikes is the best thing to ensure a safe and secured parking in parking lot.

  • Stylish Black Handle Bars

  • The elegant back tubular handlebars are to hold the steering mechanism. It is designed to give your palms utmost comfort while navigating the activities. The sturdy yet gentle texture of the handlebars enables you to easily navigate the brake, throttle, clutch, horn and light switch. Our storage of bikes only consist the best ones of them all. So, order your favorite ninja bike today!

  • Speedometer

  • Our all ninja bikes ranging from different CCs has got a convenient speedometer that has complete functionality of ammeter, voltmeter. The speedometer is designed to provide you a clear vision that will help you in reading out the updates about speed. The compact size yer clear information enables you to enjoy the safest ride. With giving you an accurate update on the sp, it also reduces reading and interpolation errors.

  • CVT Transmission
  • The ninja bikes come with CVT transmission that reduces frequent gear changing and also ensures fuel efficiency. This way you can enjoy a smooth and unstoppable ride throughout the journey. CVT transmission is better than a manual transmission. Regardless the speed of the bike, CVT transmission keeps the bike in the maximum power range. So, if you want a superior acceleration that emits the frequent power loss, then ninja bikes with its CVT transmission is the deal for you.

  • Rear View Mirrors
  • The ninja bikes have incredibly convenient rear view mirrors that allow you to see rearward through the bike’s rear window. This not only suitable for safety purposes but also ease your riding experience. The mirrors are made from quality material, and best defines the sleek design. When you ride, your utmost concern is safety, and these rear mirrors are great to ensure the same.

  • Aluminum Rims

  • Ninja bikes come with aluminum rims that enable it to withstand any force. Also, this defines the maximum strength and durability. An alloy should be sturdy enough to accommodate any lousy element and adapt accordingly. This ensures the safety of the rider even in the worst condition.


    So, choose your favorite ninja bike from the house of the Belmonte Bikes. We only have the best collections of Ninja Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Choppers, ATVs, and many more at a reasonable price. Place your order now.

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