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Gear up: How to build a mini bike on your own

You might have worked on many DIY projects and you might have been successful in most of those projects but have you ever thought of building your own mini bike?

There might be many mini bikes in the market but then there is a unique group of people who are never satisfied with what is available in the market or they just get a kick by working on their own minibike. If you belong to the same group of people and want to go on the adventurous journey of building your own mini bike then you have come to the right place. 

To fulfill the urge of minibike enthusiasts and inventors, we have come up with a compelling guide on how to build your own mini bike without spending a fortune.

Can we make mini bikes on our own?

Nowadays, people have been coming with DIY planes, drones, flying cars, and DIY mini bike projects are nothing in comparison to these projects that require years of hard work, expertise and a big budget. So, this means that anyone can start the DIY mini bike project.

You don’t need many years of garage experience and you don’t need to push the boat out for this project as well. Just a couple of tools and a basic understanding of how a bike works and you will be ready to start working on your DIY mini bike project. 

How to make one?

Start with the frame 

Buy a minibike kit that comes with wheels as with the kit, all that you have to do is to unpack and start building the frame. The first thing that you have to do after unpacking the parts is to prime the frame and when the primer dries, you can use the surface paint. 

Once everything is dry, you can start working on assembling the frame. Just use the handlebars assembly, grease up the rods and the bolts and fix them to the body frame while making sure nothing is loose. 

Add the wheels 

After completing the frame, the next step in your DIY mini bike project is to add the wheels. You must have a pneumatic tire along with the kit and you just need to follow the instruction manual to attach the wheel to the frame.

Add the brakes and the seat 

Use the brake assemblies  and now it’s time to use the brake assemblies and connect them to the handlebars. Then start working on the nuts and bolts for the rear disc brake. After adding all the main parts, you should add the brake cables.

After completing the brake part, take the saddle, place it in the right position of the frame, and then finally, secure it as per the requirement of the frame. Adding the seat is much easier than adding the brakes. 

Add the drive chain 

You might have to come up with our own custom chain instead of using what comes in the box as it all depends on the brackets, motor, and other parts of the minibike. So, first, decide whether to go with a ready-made chain or design your chain. 

After positioning the motor on the body of the bike, you just have to connect the drive chain between the rear-drive wheel and the motor. Then, keep moving the motor until the chain is tight and then drill holes as per your marking and finally mount the motor assembly on the frame.

Complete the electronics 

Now you have completed the propulsion system and therefore, you can move on to the next step of adding electronics. In this step, you have to work on the throttle and connect the batteries. If you find it complicated then get help from a friend who is good at this aspect of the minibike. 

From the right calibration to proper connection, there are many things that need to be considered during the electronic connection of the DIY mini bike. You might even need to use your computer for the calibration process. 

Add the remaining parts of the bike

After completing the electronics, you can start adding the other parts of the mini bike. You can add footpads that come with the kit. You just have to make sure that you are adding the other parts as per the instruction manual or otherwise you will end up making things complicated.

There might be other parts that you can get with the kit and all these remaining parts should always be added in the end.

Building your own mini bike is not rocket science as all that you need is the right type of mini bike kit, basic knowledge of mini bikes and the right approach.

But if you are finding the DIY mini bike project challenging then you always have the option to choose from the wide array of options offered by Belmonte Bikes.

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